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5 Of The Best Chemistry Sets for Kids: Exploring Science

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Give your kids the motivation in being more inclined to exploring science by playing with a chemistry set that also has educational advantages. At their young age, they are more appreciative of the things that they have yet to discover. Take this opportunity to see their faces brighten up as they get amazed by simple science tricks.


Why Is It Important To Teach Kids About Chemistry?

Even though it seems that teaching young kids about chemistry may be difficult because of their level of comprehension, there are ways to ease up to their interests. Young as they are, they are capable of absorbing new and valuable information. You have to keep your pace according to their ability to understand the things that are happening around them. 

Unlike what we were used to be told that science is for boring nerds, how about we focus on the important things that kids need to be aware of. Let us discuss how Chemistry can explain the way the world works around us.


  • Foodteach kids importance 5 best chemistry sets for kids

The process of food preparation and how our bodies react when it enters our system is one of the most foundational things that kids need to understand. That is because we regularly need food for nourishment. The factors on why they rot when exposed to different conditions at a specific time, and how they can be properly preserved are explained by the principles of chemistry.

Some of the most amusing science experiments are comprised of food products that are usually added as flavorings. Kids are going to be surprised at how many things from the kitchen can be used to make colorful chemical reactions.


  • Medicine

Chemicals that are placed in our vitamins, medicines, and other substances can either treat us or harm us through their reactions in our body. The development of new medical treatments for illnesses and diseases relies on how scientists understand the effects of chemicals and compounds that are either mixed together or broken apart.

Experiments on medicines cannot be done at home, especially not with kids. Unless you have licenses and registered equipment to do so. However, you can teach them the theoretical concepts of how medicines work to aid our bodies, and what role chemistry plays in the success of medicinal treatments.


  • Sanitation

Chemists are the reason why our houses smell like ammonia after mothers give it a go with mixed disinfectants, bleaches, and detergents. Cleaning our homes, our laundry, and even our bodies are done regularly. Without chemists who developed and created these necessities, can we imagine how our lives would be?

Kitchen ingredients are commonly used in homemade science experiments, and it’s something that you can certainly share with your kids. 


  • Nature and Pollution

As we clean our personal space, we also need to clean our environment. Nature has its way of cleaning up its own mess. But, if we remain to be careless with how we manage our trash, it’s going to find its way back to us. How can we actually fix our problems with pollution? One of the contributors to our environmental issues is chemical pollutants. Recycling is the best way to go!

Teach your kids the importance of recycling products and materials that can prevent the expedition of nature’s fallout.

 With the help of specially designed chemistry sets for kids, they can simultaneously spend their playtime with intentional learning on the side. I bet you find it so cool for your kids to be playing with chemistry-themed science toys.


The Five Best Chemistry Sets For Kids’ Science Exploration

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

The Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set is a beginners’ kit that will introduce young individuals to the learning of basic chemistry.

The materials are made of durable plastic and are designed to suit the hands of the little ones. It shows great support for the kids’ interests in the different properties of science and chemistry applied in the real world.

This chemistry set is a good source of skills for early hands-on science experiments. There are activity cards that can be accessed from their company website. These cards are exclusive content that is downloadable and free for all customers. 

You will need to provide for a few more ingredients to complete the science experiments in your own chemistry lab, but the materials are already complete in the package. Plus, it has a frustration-free packaging that is composed of environment-friendly, recyclable materials.


Product Features:

  • 20-piece chemistry set
  • Made of plastic materials



✔️ Perfect size for small hands

✔️ Durable toy pieces

✔️ Easy to follow experiments

✔️ Recyclable materials

✔️ For kids ages 3+

✔️ With activity cards for science learning (view company website)



❌ Need to add more ingredients to complete the experiments

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Old Nobby Molecular Kit

Old Nobby Molecular Kit

Encourage your kids to learn how to love chemistry by introducing molecular lessons at home. The Old Nobby Molecular Kit has the complete pieces of trinkets that will teach kids how to identify every Atom and Connector that comprises the elements in the Periodic Table. They can build their own atomic samples in a 3D version which makes it easier for them to learn and memorize the names of the elements. In disassembling the molecular samples, a bonus link remover is included in the package to finish the task faster.

When conducting lessons to your kids, an instructional guide is included as a point of reference. And, there’s also an eight-page Chemistry Starter Kit for a deeper understanding in this branch of science. The simple format is suitable for beginners to advanced students who are eager to have hands-on experience in molecular chemistry.


Product Features:

  • 239-piece set 
  • Made of plastic materials



✔️ For home-school education

✔️ Easy to build molecular chemistry set

✔️ Great source of learning

✔️ Color-coded Atom balls

✔️ For visual demonstration

✔️ Instructional guide included

✔️ For kids ages  10+



❌ Small parts may be hazardous for smaller kids

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Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit

Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit

Allow your kids to have a first-hand learning experience by giving them an interactive chemistry set. The Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit is a perfect tool that will teach kids about basic chemistry stuff. They can be familiar with electrons and protons, and several chemical experiments that can be done right in your home.

Through the 48-page instruction book, they can perform experiments such as growing giant crystals, exploring noble gases,  testing acid chalk, and flame-testing alkali metals. They can also create a hand-cast through exothermic reaction. It’s absolutely an experimental kit that will help kids build an understanding of chemistry through the experimentation of chemical reactions.

There are more to what this chemistry set for kids has to offer. By purchasing the Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit, you will gain free portal access to ScienceWiz.com where kids can study more experiments about science and chemistry.


Product Features:

  • Includes a full-color 48-page instruction book
  • Basic materials for chemistry projects



✔️ Perfect for homemade experiments

✔️ Fun science learning for kids

✔️ First-hand experience in chemical reactions

✔️ Early understanding in chemistry

✔️ For kids ages 8+



❌ Additional ingredients needed for experiments

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Science Ninjas Valence Card Game-Advanced Chemistry

Science Ninjas Valence Card-Game Advanced Chemistry

The kids can be knowledgeable of the different chemical properties, and how to combine them in creating reactions that will help them win the card game. The cards are sturdy to withstand long-term usage of carefree kids.

The rules of this game can stir up the minds of young individuals to build strategies on how to create strong chemical properties against other opponents. The purpose of Science Ninjas Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry is to boggle the heads of the players in competing using the strengths of their cards. It is engaging as it is challenging for kids ages eight years old and above.

Entice your kids to be engrossed with this brain-stimulating science activity that is filled with educational benefits and fun play with other peers. Educate them while they’re also excited about this unique chemistry card game.


Product Features:

  • 86 Valence cards
  • Cards made of sturdy materials



✔️ Learning through play

✔️ Basic to advanced chemical properties

✔️ Instructional game with rules in chemical combinations

✔️ A great introduction to the concepts of Chemistry

✔️ For kids ages 8+



❌ Not for kids younger than 6 years old 

Check On Amazon


Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set

Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set

As your kids reach the right age to conduct experiments, use your home to be their first venue for science learning with chemistry-based activities. They can investigate common chemicals from around the house while they can also learn how to use basic laboratory equipment through the Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set.

Let them be amazed by how the Chemical reactions reveal the properties of the materials and ingredients used in the science experiments. The user manual can walk them through every step on how to examine the composition of inks and dyes with chromatography experiments, experiment with acids and bases using indicators (pH strips and cabbage juice), explore fizzy reactions with acids and bases, discover the invisible gas carbon dioxide and its very visible effects, and more.

Use this chemistry set for kids to kick off a chain reaction of laughter and excitement as they perform simple and safe experiments with their own hands.


Product Features:

  • 26-piece laboratory materials
  • 27 experiments
  • 48 manual pages



✔️ Step by step guide to experiments

✔️ Complete basic laboratory equipment

✔️ Safe for kids under minimal supervision

✔️ Introductory chemistry-based activities

✔️ For kids ages 8+



❌ Not suitable for kids under the age of eight

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What Makes Up The Best Chemistry Set

Before we can sum up what makes up the best chemistry set for kids, let’s go through an individual product evaluation on their overall features and advantages. 

  • The Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set is the best chemistry set for younger kids between the ages of 3 to 8. This has lesser complicated features which are appropriate for a child’s play. 


  • The Old Nobby Molecular Kit is focused more on the foundations and physical characteristics of chemical elements present in every form of matter. It’s best for intermediate levels of chemistry education.


  • The Science Ninjas Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry is the best card game for kids who are up for a challenge in using scientific properties to defeat enemies in battle.


  • The Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set has the best instructional manual for experiments that serves a lot of help for kids who do everything by themselves.


This leaves us with one product, which we intentionally saved for last as it is the winner of this batch of reviews. The Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit is what we consider as the best chemistry set for kids among its co-competitors in this roundup that we prepared for you. It offers the best science experiments that focus on the field of chemistry. It provides theoretical lessons and experiential exploration. Kids can have the ultimate adventure as they take the road to becoming a science wiz at their age. 

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