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Ancient Cosmetics That Are Still in Use Today

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There are many ancient cosmetics that are still in use today. Some of them are toxic and can be harmful to your health, but there are also plenty of healthy ones that are formulated with natural ingredients. Some of these include Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Byzantine cosmetics. It’s important to read up on all of the information that you can about these types of products before you purchase them. You’ll want to make sure you’re not putting any of the harmful ingredients in your body.


In the ancient world, cosmetics included oils, lotions and waxes. These were made from natural ingredients, as well as man-made ones. They were used by both sexes, and claimed to cure wrinkles. They were also used for skin whitening.

Perfumes were popular among Byzantines, and were available in special shops. They were also used in churches. In the early Byzantine period, Spikenard, a fragrance produced by a Valerian plant, was commonly added to oil in churches.

Roses were an important part of Byzantine perfumery. The flowers were valued for their medicinal qualities and were grown in many parts of the city. They were considered the royal flower of the Byzantine gardeners.

Roses were used in perfumes, and were valued by Byzantine Emperors. Roses were valued for their beauty and fragrance. A special chrism was made from roses during the Holy Week in the Hagia Sophia.

The Byzantines wore a wide variety of jewelry. They developed several styles of rings. They also used lipstick and eye shadow. They also used a white lead to darken their eyes.

They kept their cosmetics in glass containers and elaborate caskets. These are known to have survived in museums.

The perfumes sold in Byzantine perfume shops were made from ingredients obtained in trade from India, China, and Persia. The shops were located in the northwest of the city near the Blachernae Palace. They were also known to have been visited by the Imperial Court. They were often rebuilt after fires.

The shops were paved with marble. They were about 22 feet (7 meters) deep and had marble framed doorways. They also had stairs leading to the second floor.


Cosmetics were used in ancient Egypt to beautify and improve the health of their bodies. This was a very important element of the culture. Egyptians believed that beauty was a sign of holiness and that it was important for one’s soul to have an eternal form after death.

During the ancient period, makeup was applied to enhance the appearance of the body and to protect the eyes and other parts of the face. These products were made from the finest natural ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients were frankincense, cinnamon, myrrh, and cardamom.

The Egyptians also used kohl, a powdery substance that was applied to the eyes to protect them from the sun and bacteria. They also used oils and body scents to protect their skin and keep it soft.

Early cosmetics were made from plant resins, fats, and minerals. They were often traded in between cultures and classes. The Ptolemaic period of Egypt, however, saw the introduction of perfumes. These fragrances were widely used in funeral rites.

In the Middle Kingdom, women used milk baths, face masks, and floral-infused oils to help soften their skin. They also used incense pellets as deodorants.

Men wore eye shadow and makeup as well. The black pigment was often used to protect the eyes from the sun, whereas green was reserved for special occasions.

Ancient Egyptians also made their own cosmetics. They kept their make-up in jars or containers and carried it with them when they died. They would sometimes give it as a reward for their work.

Cosmetics were a big business. Traders would trade makeup in the upper classes. They would also be used in religious offerings.


Roman cosmetics played an important role in the lives of ancient Roman women. Cosmetics ranged from simple remedies to expensive luxury goods. These products were used to improve the appearance of the skin, and to counter the effects of aging.

A common ritual was applying a beauty mask to the face. These masks were made from plant extracts and ointments. They also helped to remove imperfections on the skin.

Another popular method was to whiten the skin. Some women used white powder made from lead. Some also used snail ashes and swan’s fat to soften wrinkles.

Aside from cosmetics, men also applied lotions to hydrate the skin. It was believed that a smooth complexion was a sign of good health.

Wealthy women would import designer cosmetics from other countries. Their cosmetics were often in jars with elaborate lids and containers.

Women’s hair was also taken care of. They could use eyebrow stains, hair strengtheners and anti-wrinkle creams.

Women also wore perfumes and beauty masks. The Romans believed that excessive make-up was immoral.

The first known button was invented by the Romans. They also invented a fabric loop buttonhole.

The Romans used a variety of ingredients to create cosmetics. They mixed them using ring-shaped mixers. Most of these were ground by hand. They were sold in glass or alabaster bottles.

They were also used in rituals and burial ceremonies. Many were made by slaves. They were formulated to enhance the appearance of the eyes, lips and face.

The most popular cosmetic was a white face cream. It had a pleasant texture and a function similar to modern foundation. This was the result of a chemist’s experiments.

Toxic ingredients

Cosmetics were used by men and women throughout history, and while some of these products were harmless, others were dangerous. These ingredients can cause damage to the skin, eyes, lungs, and nervous system, and may even lead to cancer.

Many people don’t realize that toxic ingredients are often found in the makeup they apply to their faces. For example, ancient civilizations used heavy metals and other substances that are now banned. These include cinnabar, a mineral that is an ore of mercury, and toluene, a chemical that can cause headaches and liver damage.

Another ingredient to be aware of is arsenic. This chemical can cause cancer, numbness, and eye and kidney damage. Toxic chemicals like this can be found in a wide variety of products, including lipstick and nail polish.

Formaldehyde is also a chemical that is widely used as a preservative in cosmetics. It can be found in hair gel, shampoo, deodorant, and lotions. Some of the compounds in these products have been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, and hormonal imbalances.

Some ingredients can also be hazardous to infants. Some are absorbed through the skin, and some are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Children who are exposed to these toxic chemicals are more likely to develop developmental problems, such as learning disabilities and behavior disorders.

Other cosmetic ingredients can cause birth defects. Some of these compounds can be found in toothpaste, face powder, and nail polish.

Unlike food and other products, cosmetics have less government oversight. In the U.S., cosmetic products are not required to get FDA approval before they can be sold. However, laws and regulations do apply to interstate commerce of cosmetics.

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