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5 Best Art Easels for Kids: Reviews, Benefits and Prerequisites

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Art easels for kids happen to be gaining popularity because of the fun-filled experience it brings in the hearts of our children.

Many parents who want to encourage the little ones in exploring their creativity would prefer buying art materials rather than expensive gadgets. With the numerous techy trends nowadays, we need to be more creative in finding ways to reduce their screen time and convince them to enjoy the actual kind of play.

Engaging activities that involve art easels for kids might awaken their interest in creating their own art like coloring, drawing, or painting. These simple artistic activities even have significant effects on our kids’ early developmental stages.


Benefits of Encouraging Art Easels To Young Kids

Artistic activities that stir the imagination of young kids have useful benefits during the early developmental stage. This can strengthen several characteristics that will mold them while growing up.

Art easels for kids can be used as an instrument for the encouragement of young kids to choose entertaining, artistic activities as a part of their leisure. The significant aspects where your child might benefit from performing art through easels are as follows:

Physical Development

Your kids’ physical development will be influenced by artistic activities with the enhancement of their motor skills. Fine and gross motor skills are sharpened by hand-eye coordinated tasks. Focus and precision are required in performing such tasks that are significant for complete physical development.

Cognitive Ability

kids artistic development

Art increases your kids’ creativity. As it boosts concentration, it enhances visual and spatial reasoning. The creative experience through art easels builds up their critical thinking skills that are useful in real-life situations. 

Personality Development

One of the most essential aspects that require attention during your kids’ early years is their personality development.

Artistic activities contribute to the enhancement of your kids’ autonomy and confidence. It ignites personal motivation and demonstrates perseverance. It encourages them to express themselves in an imaginative way that also directs them to practice personal reflection. Their natural explorative characteristics allow them to identify themselves and to share that knowledge with the world.

Social Skills

Children enjoy playing with friends their age. Art activities involving easels for kids can help them learn how to interact with others at an early stage. There will be times when their artistic works get subjected to constructive criticism from siblings, parents, or peers. Being exposed to social situations as such raise your child’s tolerance in accepting other people’s opinions and ideas.

Emotional Well-being

We all have different ways of showing and expressing ourselves to others. At a young age, kids may find it harder to portray their feelings. Art can be a way to draw out meaningful emotions that they can seem to verbalize. Creating artworks using art easels may be able to help them display representations of themselves, which are vital for their emotional well-being.


What To Look Out For When Kids Are Using Art Easels

Our kids’ safety is our number one priority. However, we also want to make sure that they can enjoy all the benefits of their art easels. Which is why we need to be aware whenever they’re using their artwork materials.

These are the things you need to look out for when your kids are using their art easels:

Unsturdy Easel Foundation

The easel foundation is one of the most important things to look out for when your kids are creating their masterpieces.

The base of the easel must be stable and sturdy despite the hyped energy of our kids while playing. You must be able to rely on the durability of the easel material to avoid accidents like falling on the floor or sliding across the room.

Sharp Materials

You must always be aware of sharp objects within the materials they’re using while painting or drawing, especially along the art easel borders. Even though we try to check our kids’ toys multiple times, there may be instances when broken materials unintentionally get past our prying eyes.

Make sure that the art easel that your kids have is shock-resistant to avoid shattered edges if and when it falls while being used or stored away. 

Dripping Inks

Most of the materials involved in creating colorful artworks are either made of ink or oil, sometimes they’re even made of both. Try to double-check the paints and other coloring materials after every use. Dripping inks make a lot of mess and can cause accidents as well. We wouldn’t want casualties of our little ones while they’re supposed to be having fun on their art session.


5 Best Art Easels for Kids: Reviews

Here are our reviews on the five best art easels for kids that you can easily choose from. 


C&C Deals’ Tabletop Magnetic Easel & Whiteboard

Daska Magnetic Easel

This tabletop easel is a stand-alone whiteboard which has two magnetic sides for creative drawing and writing. It’s easy to assemble and easy to store.

C&C Deals’ three-fold easel can be placed on top of a table or counter where your kids can work on while sitting down. It comes with four markers with different colors and erasers on each of the top covers. The marker covers also have magnetic sides that be placed on the whiteboard when not in use. You can also put magnetic letters and numbers for an additional fun learning experience for your kids.

The whiteboard is not difficult to clean by using a dry eraser or paper towel. Your kids can re-use it in no time. You can store it away by folding the three sides together.


About This Product:

  • A two-sided magnetic whiteboard easel
  • 4 Dry erase markers
  • Dimensions: 16″ H x 12 1/2 ” W
  • Color: White
  • For ages 3+


Strong Points:

✔️ Pyramid style self-standing easel

✔️ Reversible boards

✔️ Can be used on tabletops

✔️ Folds flat for easy storage

✔️ Magnetic marker covers 

✔️ Durable product packaging

✔️ Reasonable market price

✔️ Full refund on unsatisfactory items


Weak Points:

❌ Marker erasers leave smudge marks

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Art 101 Kids’ Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

art 101 kids double sided trifold easel

Art 101’s double-sided easel for kids is a complete art set for artsy youngsters.

Everything that your kid might be looking for in an easel art set is in Art 101’s package. This one has a trifold easel that comes with a handful of various artistic materials. It is the ultimate art set for kids who love to draw, color, or paint. They even included one painting and drawing guide booklet to help our beginners in the field of art.

The easel art set is inside a portable case which your kids can carry around for school. They can share it with siblings and friends for a more enjoyable experience.


About This Product:

  • Double-sided, trifold
  • Built-in pop-up easel
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 2.5 x 16 inches
  • 179-piece art set: 48 crayons, 48 oil pastels, 24 colored pencils, 18 watercolor cakes, 12 markers, 10 sheets of drawing paper, and more
  • Including Art 101 painting and drawing guide
  • For ages 6+


Strong Points:

✔️ Portable organizer case

✔️ Complete set for artsy beginners

✔️ Can be shared with family and friends

✔️ For school activities, homework, or personal art

✔️ With a beginner’s guide for basic art techniques

✔️ Affordable 

✔️ One year warranty for manufacturer defects


Weak Points:

❌ Velcro tabs might get easily removed after some time

❌ Small parts are choking hazards for younger children

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Hape All-in-One Wooden Kids’ Art Easel

hape all in one wooden kids easel

Hape’s wooden art easel for kids is an all-in-one package. This is a double-sided easel with multiple uses. It has three main features; one side is a magnetic whiteboard, the other one is a chalkboard, and a rolled paper can be pulled down from the top. It has a flat tray just below the board where the materials can be laid down during art sessions. The easel also has a height-adjustable feature for growing kids ages 3 to 8.

You can set-up the easel set in your kids’ playroom and leave it for your kids to use whenever they want to, or whenever you permit them to.


About This Product:

  • Dual-sided: magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard
  • Dimensions: 28.3 x 24 x 5.5 inches
  • Height: modifiable from 37.5″ to 43.5″
  • Accessories: 3 paint pots and 1 replaceable paper roll
  • Wood material made from FSC managed forests
  • Non-toxic water-based wood paint
  • For ages 3+


Strong Points:

✔️ All-in-one easel features

✔️ Adjustable height and inclination for growing kids

✔️ Bottom tray can be used to place drawing and painting materials

✔️ Made of durable material

✔️ Safe for kids

✔️ Easy assemble easel set


Weak Points:

❌ Hard to find refillable paper roll size

❌ Screws and paint pots need to be removed for storage

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Step2 Easel for Two

step2 easel for kids

This easel for two is lightweight and unique for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Step 2 Easel for Two is a colorful easel for kids. The Red or Pink easel can rouse your kids’ inner artists as early as three years old. Magnetic letters, numbers, and signs are included in the package for an early introduction to the first steps of learning. Heavy-duty clips are in place to hold papers where your kids can draw or paint on aside from the magnetic board and the chalkboard. It also has a tray for a storage area for the magnets, markers, pencils, crayons, etc. 

After using, you can store the easel away by simply folding it into two and placing it on the side or under tables or cabinets.


About This Product:

  • Double-sided art easel: chalkboard and magnetic dry erase board
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 26.5 x 43.8 inches
  • Colors: Red and Pink
  • Includes: 77 foam magnetic letters, numbers, and signs
  • With a deep bottom tray
  • With heavy-duty clips for paper canvas
  • Foldable easel
  • Easy to clean
  • For Ages 3+


Strong Points:

✔️ Multifunctional easel

✔️ Educational magnetic pieces included

✔️ Bottom tray for easy access on either side

✔️ Easy storage foldable plastic material

✔️ Suitable for toddlers


Weak Points:

❌ Art supplies not included

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

melissa and doug wooden easel

This art easel is produced by one of the most recommended toy makers in the market. Melissa & Doug’s easel for kids is a state-of-the-art, multi-use easel that gives children countless ways to play and explore their creative side.

The art easel set has an inclusion of brightly-colored paper clippers, and removable plastic trays and containers. The plastic storage trays can be attached below the dry-erase board or chalkboard. Also, the two-fold wooden frame’s mechanism is not hard to dismantle, which allows you to store it away with ease.


About This Product:

  • Multi-use easel: dry-erase board, a chalkboard, a locking paper-roll holder
  • Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 47 inches
  • Includes: a paint tray, chalk and eraser tray, a child-safe paper cutter, 4 colorful clips, and a paper roller
  • Bi-fold wooden frame
  • For ages 3+


Strong Points:

✔️ Removable art supply storage trays

✔️ Sturdy wood construction

✔️ Adjustable length

✔️ Lightweight

✔️ Easy to clean

✔️ Foldable frame for quick storage

✔️ Comes in a frustration-free packaging

✔️ A cheaper option for a multifunctional easel


Weak Points:

❌ Paint, paintbrushes, and paper not included

❌ No rubber pads

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Our Best Choice

We can only give you one winner among our reviews for the best art easels for kids. Our best choice would be the Hape All-in-One Wooden Kids’ Art Easel.

Hape’s art easel for kids made it to the top of our list because of the efficiency of the product when it comes to materials and manufacturing standards. All their wooden products come from FSC managed forests, which means that their raw materials are supplied by a well-managed timber company.

All its outstanding features like the double-purpose boards, adjustable height and inclination, the paint pots accessories, the refillable paper roll, and the non-toxic paint finish makes it an all-inclusive easel for kids as young as three years old. It could be the most convenient arts and crafts easel set there is.

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