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All You Need To Know About Braces And Implants

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In recent years, the use of braces regardless of the purpose (cosmetic or structural) is becoming increasingly popular among adults. So much so that many patients, even those who have dental implants, would like to have braces to improve their smile.

But is it possible to have braces with existing dental implants? What should come first? And are they even compatible with each other?

These are just some of the many questions that most patients often ask. And we are going to give the answers in today’s article as we are going to talk about the things you need to know about braces and implants.


The Function Of Braces And Implants

Braces are orthodontic devices used to straighten and align teeth. They are used to correct and position the teeth with regards to the patient’s bite, which are usually misaligned due to underbites, overbites, moth bites, deep bites, open bites, cross bites, crooked teeth, and malocclusions.

On the other hand, dental implants are surgical components that are used to replace teeth. A titanium post is surgically placed in your jawbone, and then a prosthetic crown will be attached once the implant is healed to function like a normal tooth. Once the implant is fixed, it will provide you with benefits such as:

  • Better overall comfort
  • Better appearance and speech
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Improved chewing ability


So Which Should Come First?

advantages of braces

It actually depends upon the situation because if the patient has to undergo orthodontic treatment, then braces are usually suggested first. But if a patient has missing teeth, then a dental implant treatment may be recommended first.

Dental implants won’t be able to move once they are attached in your jaws. So even if you will undergo orthodontic treatment after having implants, they are already fixed.

That’s why patients are often required to have orthodontic treatment first to give room for the implants, especially, if your bone structure has already changed over time.


Can Braces Be Attached Even If I Have Missing Teeth?

Attaching braces can still be possible even if you’re missing a couple of teeth. In fact, the orthodontist can find a way to utilize the braces to close the gap where the missing tooth is located if your teeth are not widely spread apart. And most patients often prefer this option as it will not require additional dental procedures like having implants.

However, if the spacing of the teeth is crowding in certain areas, then the orthodontist may have to create a gap where the dental implant is to be attached to correct bite issues and improve your teeth’s overall appearance.


Final Thoughts

Overall, braces and implants are 2 dental treatments that we can utilize to bring about a beautiful smile, enhanced oral health, and self-esteem. But what should come first will actually depend on your situation. So we recommend that you consult your dentist first before having any of these procedures as they can provide the best advice according to your dental needs.

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