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Can Air Conditioning Units Serve As Transmission Vessels For The Coronavirus?

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COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed our lives in many ways. And scare it brings to the society is very serious to the point that it also created certain myths as to how the virus is spread like transmission of the coronavirus through AC units?

But is this really possible or just a canard that is brought about by the paranoid minds of some people? Can air conditioning units in homes, offices, gyms, and other public spaces serve as transmission vessels for the coronavirus?

Get to know the real score behind this subject as you read further this blog post.


How Do Experts Weigh In On This Matter?

Since summertime is fast approaching, more and more people are also wondering: Can AC Units transmit COVID-19, especially in public places like offices, malls, and restaurants?

Early research tends to provide a less optimistic answer on this matter because according to a study published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases, it was found that 9 individuals from Wuhan, China were infected by COVID-19 simply by sitting beside an AC vent inside a restaurant. And it was also determined that the coronavirus was transmitted by an asymptomatic carrier who dined near the AC unit, which also resulted in the infection of 4 other individuals who sat with the carrier at the same table and 5 more individuals who sat at the other nearby tables.

The findings of this study are also corroborated by Dr. Manish Butte, a University of California associate professor as indoor AC units with ventilation systems in public places have the tendency to let the air travel from varying distances. To be specific, when the air conditioner is turned on, the vent also pushes the droplets into the air and takes it to the direction of other people. In other words, the direction of airflow increases the reach of the virus, which also intensifies the factor of other persons within the confined space.


So Does This Mean Ditching Our AC Systems At The Time Of The Pandemic?

The simple answer to that is NO. And that’s because our AC unit at home is less risky compared to an AC system in a commercial place. There’s really no need to worry if you’re using an air conditioner with your family as the spread of droplets is only exposed to those inhabitants inside the house. So as long as you practice proper hygienic etiquettes, there’s really nothing to be alarmed about.

However, if you can’t avoid going out to public places for work and buying groceries make sure to wear a mask, maintain at least 2 meters of social distancing space, be vigilant about constant hand washing, and refrain from touching your face. Most experts agree that the risk of getting infected exist in these areas, so do your best to protect yourself or don’t get out of your house unless you really need to do it.


Final Thoughts

All in all, air conditioning units can spread the coronavirus in public places, but the risk of getting infected can be stopped if everybody observes proper social distancing and sanitation protocols. The good thing however, is that most public AC systems come with a UV filter to effectively kill air contaminants and lessen the risk of spreading the coronavirus to other people.

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