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SpaceX does NASA’s heavy lifting today

Elon Musk's private spaceflight company SpaceX will attempt two awesome feats today. First, they will launch the Jason-3 ocean-measuring satellite for NASA. They will then...

Tim Cook tells White House “No backdoors”

The Intercept reported that they were told by two sources briefed on a meeting that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, blasted White House officials...

Get ready for teleporters

Well, maybe not quite yet. But Prof. Tongcang Li at Purdue University and Dr. Zhang-qi Yin at Tsinghua University have proposed a mechanism by which...

Microsoft says new processors will be Windows 10 only

This is a big change for Microsoft--now, when you buy a new computer your only option with the newest line of processors will be...

Here’s The First Flower Grown In Space

Better memorize this one, it'll come back at you on a trivia question in a few years: What was the first flower grown in space?...

Extrovert chimps have more robust guts

Looks like the cool chimps get some advantages. Researchers followed the social behavior and gut microbes of chimps over an eight year period and...

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