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Cloud In A Bottle

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Cloud In A Bottle

This is a really easy and neat way to show your little ones how clouds work, and this experiment is simple enough for even youngsters to participate! Here’s how to make a cloud in a bottle.

What You Will Need

– clear vase or jar filled ⅔ with water
– colored water (use food coloring)
– eye droppers
– shaving cream (foam, not gel)

What You Will Do

Take the shaving cream and make a “cloud” on top of the water in the vase. Feel free to really fill the top of the vase.

Give each child a colored water solution and an eyedropper (take turns if you only have one). Have them add a few drops at a time to the shaving cream cloud and watch as it begins to spill through into the clear water.

Watch this video here to see the experiment in action.

What is Going On?

This experiment shows the concept of saturation. As the colored water begins to build up in the shaving cream, it will reach a point where the cream can no longer support the additional liquid and it will start spilling into the water below. This one is easy and fun for the kids to play with.

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