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Do Beluga Whales Have Legs?

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Why do beluga whales have knees? What are they going to do?! They do not need hips, why are they walking with those useless hips? Thought this was the dumbest movie ever.

If you do not know the answer for this question, then I think you should ask your children. What are they going to do when they get old? I think they might start walking like Usain Bolt! No, I am not talking about a real human being, I am talking about a horse. Remember horses do not have hips and if they did, they would not be able to walk very far.

Beluga whales are well developed aquatic mammals, which means their organs and tissues are very flexible. If a whale is being attacked by a shark, it can twist its body to become less rigid in order to protect vital organs. In fact, a lot of attacks on these animals, which are primarily carnivores, can be stopped by the effort to twist the whale’s body in some way. It may sound strange, but sharks are trained to trust whales because they are close to their origin.

Belugas can turn their head to one side, look up, and twist their whole body to the side. This will break the pressure off their head, so the brain can shut down for one moment. If this happens, the whale will calmly walk away, while releasing all its water. The attacker will eventually tire and swim off, while the whale breathes heavily. I bet you that it does not occur to most people, but if you were trained in this type of martial art, you could use this to subdue any attacker.

Now, let us consider the size of the animal. At the age of twelve, when belugas mature, they can weigh more than one ton! For humans, that is pretty heavy! So, do beluga whales have legs? They do, and it is amazing how they move.

When I was in the Navy, we used to practice to see how far we could swim against the current. One day, we had to bring a beluga whale into the water, and we wrapped him up in a blanket. Then we gave him a short rope to hang on to, and he did his thing. We had to keep paddling until he was tired enough to go swimming.

We had never seen his eyes before, because they are small, but when we paddled harder, he came running, waving his legs. He was exhausted, but at the same time, he was jumping up and down on the surface of the water, and each time he did, he sounded like he was having fun. It was a lot of fun. Belugas are very energetic animals, and they love to show off.

If you are interested in learning more about the life of a marine mammal, the animal kingdom is your oyster. It is a vast world of wonder, adventure and fun. Who knows what is hiding under that ocean? It might be a long, brightly-colored fish with long, rubbery legs. The mystery of the sea will never be solved, but you can take comfort in the thought that do beluga whales have legs.

A lot of people think they do not have legs, because there is no way for them to walk upright, so how could a whale move around? Scientists now think that do beluga whales have flippers, although no one has ever been able to get a good look at it up close. They probably run very fast and have very strong swim fins, much like the common dolphin. Their tail is also long and dragging behind them.

The other question many people have is why don’t they just slip out of the water when they get tired? They could just hang onto a rock or anything else under the water. The truth is they would never be able to move very fast under water, so they just hang onto something. You see, do beluga whales have flippers, and if they slip out of the water, they could very well keep moving for hundreds of miles. Although they might not be as flexible as a dolphin, they would be able to keep swimming.

Although scientists don’t know how do beluga whales move underwater, they do know how do beluga whales hunt. They hunt prey using their powerful flippers and pectoral muscles, which are like fan blades on a dolphin. This is how the animal gets its food. Many hunters say it’s like hunting fish but with human hands. They may not be as fast as a dolphin, and they may not be as strong, but these are big animals and they can definitely catch prey just like any other animal.

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