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5 Top Reviews on The Best Educational World Maps for Kids

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Introduce your little ones to the incredible place that we are living in by buying them the best educational world map for kids.

There are different types of kids’ world maps that are available across eCommerce sites. Some are designed exclusively for learning, while some are also made to add a little fun playtime experience.

We prepared five top reviews on the best educational world maps for kids that is highly-recommended because of their instructional features. Before you check those out, let’s ponder on the things to consider when choosing the best product for your kids’ needs.


What should you consider when choosing the best world map for kids?

As parents, most people might think that choosing the best things to buy for our kids come naturally. Well, it doesn’t. Not all the time, anyway.

Sometimes, we get things right on the first try. But, to be sure that we are looking at the right options, we must always have a list of considerations when buying stuff for our kids, especially when they’re already growing into little humans who are more curious about the world around them.

So, in this case, here are the things to think about before buying a world map that suits your kids most:

kids world map

  • Age range

The age of your kids matters a lot in picking the right product. For toddlers, they won’t appreciate posters filled with many words. They are more attracted to colorful and animated figures. They will also more likely get interested with simple pictures rather than intricately designed world maps. However, growing kids who are about to enter preschool prefer highly-detailed images. It’s also better for them to get more involved with letters and words of the different places, and other items that might be included in the world map.

  • Room space

Consider the space that a world map poster, sticker, board, or puzzle might eat up in your kids’ bedroom or play area. Product descriptions are available for you to go over before making your final choice. You can also opt for the ones that you can customize placements, which allows you to either maximize your free space or spread out the parts for a better view.

  • Child-safe materials

Never forget to look at the product materials to double-check if the world map parts are safe for small children. Looking into the manufacturing company might also lead you to the most dependable product for your kids. You can check who makes the product, how do they make it, and where do they conduct their operations. Legitimate companies are not hard to find.

  • For learning, for fun, or both

What do you want for your kids to benefit from buying a world map?

Maybe not only you can answer that. You can always ask your kids about what they think of the chosen product/s you are considering to buy for them. If you’re not planning to surprise them, then you can share this moment with them. They might even appreciate you asking their opinion on the matter.

Otherwise, you can reveal the final product that you bought for them as a surprise, and see the awe in their eyes as they open box of present you carefully picked.


Why buy one for your kids?

Fun and educational world maps for kids can awaken their interest in discovering the different places on earth.

As a kid, can you remember how much admiration you felt in seeing the whole world in a piece of paper? Or, was it about the possibility of having the world in the palm of your hands? How did you feel upon seeing all the places you want to go to? Admit it, there was a time in your life when you also wanted to have that ultimate adventure. Think of all the moments you imagined being in those places while studying your own world map?

Your kids just might feel the same way. They must also get just as excited as soon as they have their own world maps.


The 5 Best Fun and Educational World Maps for Kids

Wall Pops Kids’ Dry Erase World Map

wall pops kids world map

Model: WPE0624

Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches

The Wall Pops kids’ world map provides engagement and interaction that is beneficial for their early education on the different continents and wonders of the world. You can buy it for home or school use.

There are labels and creative drawings that feature the main products or popular highlights of each place. It has brilliant colors that attract kids as young as three years old. They can also use the dry erase marker to mark circles or check marks on places and icons that they like.



✔️ Easy peel and stick installation

✔️ Detachable and reusable decals

✔️ Safe to stick on painted walls or wallpapers

✔️ With a dry erase marker

✔️ Also included in the package: map of the USA



❌ Might have minor creases if improperly packed

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eeBoo World Map


Model: WRLDP

Dimensions: 23.5 x 35 inches

If educational learning is your objective for buying a world map for kids, you can rely on the eeBoo World Map. It is a source of excessive information about the parts of the world that kids love to know about. They can discover oceans, continents, and countries. There is also a legend of labels and creative icons of animals, monuments, or merchandise that represent the different places all over the world.  



✔️ Double-sided laminated films

✔️ With a legend of educational icons and labels

✔️ Featuring the planets of the Solar System

✔️ Comes within a box

✔️ Great source of information

✔️ The product has won the Oppenheim Gold Award



❌ Not recommended for activities

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DECOWALL Colourful World Map

decowall kids world map

Model: DMT-1306

Dimensions: 49.5 x 27.9 inches

Stickers are harmless trinkets that kids from two years old and above can play with. The DECOWALL Colourful World Map is a collection of educational stickers that complete the whole map of the world. Your kids can take their turns in positioning the world map stickers that will look fabulously on the surface of their bedroom wall. They can even reposition them according to their liking. It could be an amazingly fun learning experience that you can share with your little ones. Decorate their walls with places, animals, and other creatures that make up the whole planet.



✔️ Uniquely-designed wall sticker world map

✔️ Ideal for bedroom walls

✔️ Stickers can be repositioned anywhere

✔️ From ages 2 and above

✔️ Made of high-end non-toxic materials

✔️ Easy to remove without residues



❌ Stickers may slowly peel off after a long time

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Melissa & Doug World Map Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle

melissa and doug world map

Model: no. 446

Dimensions: 3 x 9.2 x 11.8 inches

This one is what most parents recommend for a creative learning adventure.

Melissa & Doug offers another kind of toy that promotes countless ways to play. Light up your kids’ imagination with their World Map Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle. This world map for kids doesn’t only encourage learning, but as well as self-discovery during free-play. The colorful puzzle pieces match with the continent they belong to, which is a great way to enhance your kids’ spatial ability. 



✔️ World map puzzles

✔️ 33 extra-thick and colorful pieces

✔️ Colorful, matching puzzle pieces

✔️ For Ages 6-10

✔️ Enhances spatial reasoning



❌ Puzzle pieces tend to get lost when uncared for

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AWAKINK’s Cartoon Background World Map

cartoon world map

Model: AK0201081

Dimensions: 35.4 x 23.8 inches

Let your kids show-off their artistic side with AWAKINK’s Cartoon Background World Map. They can arrange the pieces of stickers and stick them on the wall. The world map stickers are pre-cut for convenient placement. They can learn about all the seven continents, animal creatures and the different oceans around the world. The materials used in making the stickers are safe for children, and for the environment too!



✔️ Pre-cut wall stickers world map

✔️ Suitable for ceramic, porcelain, metal, or mirror walls

✔️ Easy to apply and easy to remove (doesn’t leave glue residues)

✔️ Non-toxic, environment-friendly, and child-safe

✔️ Colorful and enjoyable



❌ Needs to be straightened out before applying

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Our Vote on The Best World Map For Kids

Roll the drums!

The winner’s crown on this selection goes to Wall Pops Kids’ Dry Erase World Map.

It has just the right size and features that bring kids to their most exciting around-the-world adventure. With the addition of the map of the USA, they can also widen their knowledge about the continent.

You can easily install it in your kids’ bedroom and let them have all the fun that they want. They can also bring one for school and share it with friends and classmates for a whole year of world map learning.

This world map for kids has a dry-erase surface where they can write on tiny notes, marks, spotters, etc. It also has reusable and removable decals. If you ever find difficulty in sticking the world map decals, you simply need to aid it with water or heat. You can look up more of its details online.

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