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Eye Of The Cyclone Game Review

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The Eye of the Cyclone is a fast paced arcade action game that puts you right in the middle of a fantasy world. You play the role of inspector John Brown, who finds himself the center of a mystery when a strange and unidentified body of a missing college student turns up in the middle of an old crash site. There are some things you need to know before you start the game though. This is especially true if you want to avoid problems in your journey and take advantage of all the endings it offers. This action-packed game requires quick thinking and precise timing if you want to make sure you don’t lose your cool.

The story is very exciting and colorful. The whole concept of investigating a crime using digital evidence has been around for a long time, but nothing beats the combination of vivid images, top notch audio tracks, and well thought out puzzles to make this game as thrilling as it is. The storyline is so good that even those who haven’t played too many games can appreciate its greatness. Even the game’s villainous henchman look and feel like real men. The graphics are a little rough around the edges, but overall, the visuals and sound are so life-like that they’ll most likely make you feel like you’re really on the set of a movie.

The first level is called the Cargo Bay, and it starts with you inspect a crashed passenger ship that’s been strewn about the place. As you investigate, you find out that the deceased passengers were using the ship as a secret hideout, and you soon discover the reason why they were in there – the cargo bay door opened, but since there was no exit, the people inside didn’t make it out alive! The investigation leads you to an air shaft near where the ship crashed. Here, you’ll encounter more survivors, and another set of puzzles. These are relatively easy ones, but when you run out of lives, you have to find another way to continue the adventure.

The second level is called the Engine Repair. Once you’ve made it through the Cargo Bay, you’ll notice that the ship’s controls are jammed. There are instruments stuck onto the walls which will help you map out your way, and a large panel has a map hidden within it. When you’re stuck, there are two other instruments that help you activate lifts, open hatches and access the control room. Again, this part isn’t really very difficult, but if you get stuck, you might as well just restart until you can figure it out.

The final level, known as the Eye of the Vortex, is by far the hardest. This level involves using a grappling hook to pull you upwards, then launching yourself at an enemy and breaking free from their grasp. This requires a lot of coordination, a lot of times and a whole lot of trial and error.

Eye of the Cyc – otherwise known as the Eye of The Terrorist, is a hidden object adventure game. Much like many hidden object games, it begins with you walking into a darkened room, with a strange, buzzing sound effect accompanying you. A giant eye stands watching you, and it’s looking down on you from the ceiling. If you want to progress further into the game, you will have to find all the objects listed on each floor – otherwise you will fail and be forced to start again from the start.

Each room in the level has a series of switches in them. Some open up new areas, others will close them back up. Some will rotate your camera, to show you what’s behind you as you walk along. All the levels have a few secrets to find, like the room where you will need to use a grappling hook against a big, dangerous blue monster in order to move on up the elevator.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. It’s not just a run-and-gun first person shooter like Modern Warfare or Left 4 Dead, but it’s a truly twisted and engrossing mystery adventure. If you like puzzles, then you will absolutely love playing the game. If you like action-packed gun shooting games, then you will absolutely love playing this one!

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