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Five of The Best Educational Science Gifts for Kids To Love

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Children love challenging activities that get their minds fired up like educational science gifts for kids. If you think that only nerds are interested in these kinds of toys, that’s not true at all. Kids are naturally optimistic about discovering new things. Buying them gifts that are related to science might just ignite their curiosity and spark their enthusiasm in learning.


How To Encourage Kids In Loving Science

These are three ways to encourage kids in learning how to love science:


Introduce science-based activities

To steer the kids in the right direction, you have to introduce science-based activities that will make them wonder with anticipation. Set their feet on the right track by making sure that they have the right resources to utilize and take advantage of.

At their age, kids probably don’t have any idea of where to start. With proper guidance, they might just be able to build a solid foundation in learning and loving science.


loving science five best educational science gifts kids love

Share the fun with your kids

The kids are going to enjoy the fun science activities more if they’re shared with you. Every child would only want to get closer to their parents and create irreplaceable memories to last a lifetime.

Sharing the fun in exploring the world of science is not only beneficial for their early education, but for their personal development as well. Teaching science facts and discoveries are one thing, and building a strong foundational relationship as a family is another.  


Provide useful materials and resources

You have to look for the best science gifts for kids to provide effective resources in their learning and exploration. Various products have different features and specs that will also fit in the various needs of the kids. Different genders and age ranges may have distinctness in their level of skills and interests. There is no need to worry about this because you can choose from several hundreds of educational science gift ideas in the market.


Science Gifts for Kids: Top 5 Educational Picks 

ThinkFun Laser Maze Logic Game (Class 1)

ThinkFun Laser Maze Logic Game Class 1

★ Best Science Gift for Logic Knowledge Development

Ignite your kids’ brains in playing challenging games with the ThinkFun Laser Maze Logic Game (Class 1). This science gift for kids will teach young minds in improving logical reasoning through innovative gameplay. This is a single-player game that will bend their planning skills into winning through bending mirror beams strategically.

This is a brilliant concept that allows kids to tease their brains, keep entertained, and learn valuable science stuff.



🚩 Model No. 44001014

🚩 60 challenges from beginner to expert levels

🚩 Battery-operated game board

🚩 Plastic materials



➕ Logic and brain games

➕ Develops critical thinking skills

➕ Clear instructions are written in the manual

➕ Multi-level games and challenges

➕ For boys and girls ages 8 years old and above



➖ Tight pieces could be frustrating for kids to fit into the beam board

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Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

★ Best Science Gift for Promoting Engineering Thinking and Design

Spend a family bonding time by learning basic electronics engineering with the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit. This kit has 100 various do-it-yourself electronic projects with individual instructional manuals. The 30 color-coded project modules can be combined to create electronically working devices.

The projects will help kids in honing their character by practicing how to follow instructions in designing circuits. By getting involved in these projects, kids will learn how to build meticulous projects with patience and precision.

Kids can construct working models of flashing light, a musical doorbell, a sound-activated switch, a voice-controlled lamp, a photosensor, an adjustable-volume siren, and many more. No tools or soldering are needed to accomplish these projects. It’s absolutely a snap!



🚩 Model No. SC-100

🚩 100 different electronic circuit projects

🚩 30 electronic parts

🚩 4-color manual, 30+ Snap Modules, Snap Board

🚩 Requires 2 AA batteries



➕ A hands-on introduction to electronics 

➕ Innovative kits with real circuit components

➕ Entertaining and concrete education

➕ Instructional manuals for each electronic project

➕ No tools and soldering needed

➕ For boys and girls 8 years old and above



➖ Occasional troubleshooting needs to be done by adults

➖ Batteries not included

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National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

★ Best Science Gift for Rock Tumbling Hobbyists

Rock collectors will definitely love having a National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit. Kids can science the fun away by inspiring them to appreciate the little details that make up the true beauty of this world. They can perform a simple procedure of turning rough rocks into sparkling gemstones.

As you and your kids are enjoying the advantages of this rock tumbler kit, you are also supporting a cause. The advocacy of National Geographic is to inspire people all around the planet. You are helping to fund the organization’s vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs. Kids can take a step toward contributing to a greater mission.




🚩 Item weight: 4 pounds

🚩 Accessories: Rock Tumbler, AC Power Adapter, Rough Gemstones (1/2 lb), Tumbling Grit (4 grades), Jewelry Strainer, Learning Guide



➕ Complete rocks and gemstone hobby tumbler

➕ Four easy rock tumbling processes

➕ Informational learning manuals

➕ Promotes geological curiosity

➕ Automatic shut-off timer

➕ Noise-reducing leak-proof barrel with stainless steel lid

➕ For boys and girls ages 8 years old and above

➕ Two-year limited warranty



➖ Not for kids younger than six years old

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Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit

Mini Explorer Light up Terrarium Kit

★ Best Science Gift for Magical Explorers

Encourage your kids’ intellectual curiosity by letting them create and care for their very own mini-ecosystem. The Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit can spark a genuine passion for life and science. By following eight simple steps, they can build a unique ecosystem with soil, sand, rocks, seeds, miniatures, and decorative stickers in a plastic jar. They can watch the plants grow and customize the arrangement to their liking. The young magical explorers are going to be fascinated with the attractive LED light-up terrarium that they can leave on during the night.

Tending to their terrarium will teach kids a sense of responsibility and builds up their autonomy. It’s highly recommended even for toddlers who are fond of learning and exploring bright and magical things.



🚩 Model No. xx001

🚩 Jar Material: Plastic

🚩 Jar size: 4 x 6 inches

🚩 LED charging time: 2-3 hours

🚩 LED life duration: 5 hours

🚩 Accessories: micro-USB cable, instruction booklet, vermiculite soil, sand, river rocks, wheatgrass, chia seeds, figurines, and stickers



➕ Great headstart to appreciate life and science

➕ Grows by day and glows at night

➕ Built-in LED light on the lid

➕ Creates a magical ecosystem display 

➕ Easy maintenance

➕ For kids ages 6 years old and above



➖ Small kids might need assistance in cleaning the inside part of the jar

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Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Little Kids First Big Book of Space

★ Best Science Gift for Astronomy Lovers

There ain’t no other place like space! Bring your kids into an exhilarating adventure by stirring their imagination and introducing the Little Kids First Big Book of Space.

The kids will feel the excitement as soon as they set eyes on the front cover of the book. This big book will get their minds blown by the plethora of information. Every chapter of the National Geographic’s space version on the Little Kids First Big Books series is filled with marvelous information.

This is an all-time interesting book that parents and kids can explore together. 



🚩 Hardcover

🚩 128 pages

🚩 5 Chapters 

🚩 100+ beautiful illustrations and photographs

🚩 Dimensions: 10.2 x 0.6 x 10.2 inches



➕ An informational book about the wonders of space

➕ Explains every essential concept

➕ Explores interesting facts 

➕ Written by an award-winning author

➕ For kids ages 4-8 years old



➖ The binding quality needs to be improved

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Our Best Gift Choice

It’s difficult to choose only one product that would fit as the best science gift to give to your kids. Aside from the fact that they have different needs and interests, all these five products are unreservedly the best that you can find in most of the marketplaces.

However, the deal is for us to give the number one recommendation that will make the hunt easier for you. The most beneficial product in this selection is, the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit. Science learning will happen in just a snap!

Technically though, it’s going to take an ample amount of time for you to build the electronic projects. As the old saying goes, good things take time. This kind of science activity needs accuracy to achieve the desired output. Electronically working devices may require undivided attention, but it also benefits the kids when it comes to character development. They can practice building stuff where they can also pick valuable lessons on how to follow simple instructions. It’s even an opportunity to make their imaginations come to life.

Take your kids to the next level and let them use their skills and talents in designing fun projects that promote engineering thinking and design.

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