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Five Varieties of The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

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Trying to figure out the best rewards you can give to your children can be tricky, but you can never go wrong with outdoor toys for kids. Of course, first, you have to find the best product that will make them say the wow words.

Other toys can also give your kids some lessons they can gain while playing. However, outdoor toys are good motivators for learning how to love nature. There are a lot of outdoor toys for kids with different types that can be introduced to your kids from toddlerhood to pre-adolescent years. We compiled five of the best products in different varieties for your research.


Different Types of Outdoor Toys

Here’s a list of the different types of outdoor toys that you can read on before going through our reviews.

  • Swings

kids outdoor toys

Who doesn’t love swings, right? Even adults still love to jump on a swing for a moment of bliss and joy that resembles that one of a child’s.

Swings are super easy to assemble. Dads get so satisfied with how fast they can build a swing set for their kids.

  • Seesaw

Can you remember the last time you rode on one? Seesaws are perfect for buddies. One kid must share it with another to fully appreciate the amusement and the high it’s supposed to bring to their hearts.

  • Slide

Slides also play a big part in our childhood memories. It’s one of the things we immediately look for when we’re going to a park or in a playhouse store. Most backyard playsets have slides and ladders where kids can climb up and then slide down right after.

  • Playhouse

Playhouses for kids are either made of plastic or wood materials. Those who can’t build tree houses in their lot usually resort to buying or making a playhouse for their kids. It’s an outdoor toy that can be filled with other toys since kids can fit inside and play.  

  • Trampolines

Jumping up and down also gives a different kind of euphoria to kids. Trampolines are the most convenient outdoor toy for kids who often use their beds for this kind of physical activity. You can divert their attention to an actual toy where they can exercise their interests in bouncing on top of a spring-loaded object.

  • Bicycle

Teaching your kids how to ride a bike is one of the most significant things that they will recall as they get older. It’s also one of the most challenging skills that a person can learn as a child. Not everyone is brave enough to take the bet. So if you’re child asks to be taught on riding a bike, take the chance. There could be a possibility that they will be sneaking out of the garage when they become old enough to do so. However, if they’re going to learn anyway, they better remember their parents who patiently talked them out on how to control the wheel.

  • Outdoor Pools

Kids’ also enjoy swimming, and some even consider it as their favorite pastime. It’s refreshing and revitalizing to spend an afternoon in the backyard with an outdoor pool. They can dip and wade in the water for a few hours while playing with rubber ducks, water balls, etc.

  • Bubble machine

Bubble machines can be paired with outdoor pools wherein kids can have fun going after bubbles to pop while swimming in the area. They’re great not only for parties and special events but any day can be made special using these bubble-making machines.

  • Climbing Walls

Wall climbing may sound too advanced for a child. However, children as young as three years old are already capable of climbing short walls with the right supervision. They can already build their body strength in brief courses, while for them it’s playtime.

  • Sandbox

With just a little bit of water to add to the sandbox, kids can build stronghold castles using plastic molds. They can also explore abstract shapes and figures the way they want to. A small space can become a masterpiece creation of a child with imagination.

  • Sports-oriented toys

Toys that teach kids how to show honesty and integrity during game time enhances their value for sportsmanship. Competitive games are best shared not only with peers but as well as with parents and other older adults who can be their models on how to handle such situations.


Five of The Best Outdoor Toys For Kids

Here are our chosen five best outdoor toys for kids in different varieties.

ToyVelt Kids Tent Camping Set

Toyvelt Kids Camping Tent

Expose your kids to an adventure that will train their survival skills with the complete Kids Tent Camping Set by ToyVelt. This multifunctional camping set has features that will excite kids to explore the great outdoors. They can learn so much about building their tent, using a telescope, reading a thermometer, reading a compass, and communicating through a walkie talkie.

ToyVelt Kids Tent Camping Set is the perfect outdoor toy to share with siblings, cousins, and friends during birthday parties, sleepovers, and family camping trips. It will give them the motivation to get out of the house once they have their own set of tools for navigating the wilderness. They can take a break from TV and gadgets, and discover the nature surrounding them. They will find out how interesting it can be to go out and play using resourceful old-school technology.


Product Info:

  • Package Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Tent Dimensions: 33 x 29 x 29 inches
  • Accessories: Tent, Telescope, (2) Walkie Talkies, Water Bottle, Shovel, Multifunctional Whistle, Compass, Flashlight, Thermometer, (3) AG3 Batteries



✔️ Complete camping kit for kids

✔️ Ideal for educational nature exploration

✔️ Premium manufacturing materials

✔️ Recommended for girls and boys ages 3+



❌ Needs more improvement on the walkie talkies

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Elite Ring Toss Yard Game

Elite Ring Toss Game

If you want to encourage your kids to get involved with physical activities that will enhance their mental skills at the same time, we have a suggestion for that. Elite’s Ring Toss Yard Game is a classic and traditional-based outdoor toy for kids and adults too.

Parties can turn to such a fun celebration with an engaging and competitive game. Ring toss is a game that parents can play with their kids while having a backyard barbecue or an outing at the beach. Elite created a brilliant product that promotes quality family time and skill-enhancing outdoor toy.

Teach your kids how to count scores, to play by the rules, and to enhance sportsmanship through this outdoor game. These are nourishing lessons and incredible memories that kids will always remember as they grow older.


Product Info:

  • Item weight: 2.12 pounds
  • Ring Board Dimensions: 16.5 x 2 x 0.7 inches
  • Accessories: (5) 42cm x 5cm x 1.8cm rope rings, (10) bonus plastic rings, (2) wood ring board with point markings, (5) pegs, and (1) carry bag



✔️ Easy to assemble and store

✔️ For hand-eye coordination skills

✔️ For fine motor skills

✔️ Promotes family time outdoors

✔️ Portable outdoor toy set

✔️ Recommended for girls and boys ages 3+



❌ Peg holes may become loose after a long while

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Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

Backyard Discovery Skyfort Swing Set

Backyard Discovery’s Skyfort II is an outdoor playset that has an overlooking clubhouse and a lower play deck with swings, a slide, monkey bars, and more. It’s a complete playground that you can set up right in your backyard. It will bring enjoyment and satisfaction to your kids’ outdoor experience.

Every piece of Backyard Discovery’s Skyfort II contributes to the durability for long-term and child-safe backyard playset. It will not only look great on your backyard, but it’s also a terrific idea to keep your kids within your sight at all times. There’s no need for them to go farther from your house to play at the park. They can invite their friends over and make fun memories in their very own fortress.


Product Info:

  • Weight: 720 pounds
  • Dimensions: 263 x 201 x 148 inches
  • Accessories: 2 belt swings, a swing glider, a 10-foot slide, a sandbox, wall climbing steps, picnic table, wooden benches, and monkey bars



✔️ All-around play features

✔️ Weather-resistant materials

✔️ Heavy-duty brackets

✔️ Exclusive Safe-T-Fuse hardware

✔️ ASTM Standards

✔️ Recommended for girls and boys ages 3+



❌ Long assembly process

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SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids

SplashEZ Sprinkler For Kids

The SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids is a total blasting water experience for toddlers and kids up to 10 years old. It’s a refreshing outdoor pool with educational figures that they can learn while playing. It has a water sprinkler that adds up to the relief on a delightful afternoon heat.

This outdoor toy for kids is safe with BPA-free and phthalates-free materials. It is designed specifically for babies to appreciate the beauty of the environment. The bright pictures and colors can stimulate their brain to identify different objects of nature. It’s an activity that is undeniably fun under the sun.


Product Info:

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 60 inches in diameter



✔️ Fun underwater, planets, letters, and animal figures

✔️ Educational and developmental features

✔️ BPA-free and phthalates-free

✔️ Durable material

✔️ Recommended for girls and boys 6months+



❌ Not recommended for underwater dipping

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Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable

Bring the waterpark adventure in your backyard for another memorable outdoor experience for the kids. The Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is a colorful way to beat the heat of the sun while playing outside of the house. It has a wading pool with a slide that connects it to the main dipping pool. They can also play other fun activities with the accessories included in the package. They can roll and toss around the plastic balls, or shoot them over the rings. The best part of this mini waterpark is the rainbow sprinkler placed in the middle to spread all over the kids playing inside the pool.

For safety purposes, the manufacturers placed warning signs on the packaging to avoid accidents like having injuries from sliding, jumping, or drowning. Be sure to set it up on the level ground with no stones and other sharp objects.


Product Info:

  • Weight: 14.64 pounds
  • Dimensions (inflated size): 9ft 9in x 6ft 4in x 4ft 5in
  • Accessories: 6 balls; 4 rings (inflatable); and landing mat
  • Approximate water capacity: Main pool- 206L; Wading pool- 175L



✔️ Accessible backyard pool

✔️ Fun mini waterpark adventure

✔️ With slide and wading pool

✔️ With convenient drain plug and built-in sprayer

✔️ Recommended for girls and boys ages 2+



❌ Needs extra focus when inflating small portions

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The Number One Outdoor Toy for Your Kids

It’s hard to choose from the drafted five best outdoor toys for kids since all of them are top-rated and highly recommended products by other customers as well. Nevertheless, we will not fail to deliver to you our number one pick for this batch.

We conclude that the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II all cedar wood swing set is the most practical outdoor toy for kids. It’s more than just a toy. It has exceeded all the expectations that a kid can look forward to a plaything. The design and features of the Skyfort II are calculated and specially made for the enjoyment and safety of the kids during leisure time.

It may take some time for you to build the backyard playground, but the effort and even the price will all be worth it. 

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