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How ABA Therapy Works In Treating Autism

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Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA is an intensive treatment that makes use of techniques and principles based on learning theory so the patient can improve their social behavior towards others. Aside from that, this best-established type of therapy is also used for treating children with autism.

So how ABA therapy works in treating autism? And how does this individualized therapy program helps autistic children to have a productive and happy life? Learn more about this as we go through this blog entry.


treatment defined how aba therapy works treating autism

ABA Defined

Technically speaking, ABA is a scientific approach that aims to understand the behavior and learning capacity of an autistic child by assessing the function of the kind of behavior and the setting in which it happens.

To be specific, anything we do like talking, eating, tying of shoes, and etc. are considered as behaviors. And this goes the same for autistic children.

Now, ABA therapy works by looking at the purpose of these actions and what are the external factors that influence these behaviors from occurring. Once these behaviors and circumstances are identified, the therapist will then teach the patient to develop new and functional ways of applying these behaviors in a beneficial way.

ABA therapy has been used for treating children and grown-ups with developmental disorders. And today, the same ABA techniques have been applied to help autistic kids build and develop functional skills.


How ABA Is Conducted To Autistic Children

ABA therapy is usually conducted through a one-on-one session between the therapist and the child. The child will then go through an in-depth assessment to determine their current skill set and what are the skills that are needed to be improved upon.

Parents are also required to participate in the assessment process so that the therapist and the clinical team can accurately discover the child’s skill(s) and what areas that are needed to work on. Likewise, the parent’s role in this therapy is also crucial for building a plan that is well suited to the child’s needs as well as the learning style to be used in order to help them become more productive and functional.

The ABA principles and techniques used for developing basic and complex skills are the following:

  • Looking
  • Listening
  • Conversing
  • Imitating
  • Daily living skills
  • Self-help skills

parents role how aba therapy works treating autism


And even though every ABA therapy is unique, there are certain commonalities among these individualized therapy programs:

  • All therapies are conducted by trained and qualified behavior analyst (BCBA).
  • The program that is designed by the clinical team is based on the result of the behavioral assessment of the child as well as the goals of the family.
  • Treatment goals are designed to focus on developing skills such as communication, play, sociability, self-care, motor development, leisure, and academic skills.
  • All therapies are designed to enable autistic children to be more successful and independent.
  • There is an ongoing assessment to measure the child’s progress.
  • Regular meetings with the clinical team and the family are done to review the child’s progress and make any adjustments if necessary.


Final Word

If you want to help your child to develop their skills and use it effectively in various situations, then try Progressive Behavioral Science’s ABA Therapy services in Miami and see how they can help you. Contact them today.

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