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How Does Flotation Therapy Treat Anxiety

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Float therapy is a fairly new addition to the world of alternative treatments. And it has been found to be very effective in treating the majority of symptoms that are associated with various types of anxiety disorders. Many people who use this treatment are able to reduce or eliminate their apprehensions completely, and it is said to be safer than many other forms of treatment available today.

You will be very surprised at some of the amazing results you will achieve when using this method of healing for your condition.

Read more as we’ll talk about how does flotation therapy treats anxiety in today’s blog post.

How Does It Work?

Float therapy is done inside a float pod, a light-proof and sound-proof chamber that is designed to help us tuned in to our inner self by letting our body float on water filled with saturated salt inside a claustrophobic sealed-off container. The Epsom salt is dissolved into 180 gallons of water to create a weightless controlled environment to relieve your body from the stress caused by the gravitational pull and the tension that you feel when you’re anxious.

Ways It Can Relieve You From Anxious Feelings

1. Decreases Heart Rate And Blood Pressure – Float therapy has been known to lower heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn, helps your entire body to feel relaxed. That’s the reason why this treatment is also recommended for those individuals who have hypertension.

Yes, there are over-the-counter medicines for both the mind and body to help you feel relaxed. But this type of alternative healing offers the same result without having to take synthetic medications that can lead to harmful side effects.

2. Eliminates Sensory Input – The treatment removes any distraction that might overwhelm your sense and causing you to feel stressed. To be specific, external factors like sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can also overpower our senses without even realizing it.

Once you enter into the pod, all these factors causing stress are temporarily eliminated so your mind and body can feel peace. And as a result, you’re getting rid of the anxiety that is caused by sensory overload.

Moreover, float therapy is also a proven pain reliever, which is also a sensation that causes anxiety.

3. Allows Natural Anxiety-Relieving Minerals To Be Absorbed By Your Body – The water solution inside the chamber also contains magnesium. And this mineral is long considered as a natural relaxant, which is absorbed by the body to eliminate any anxious feelings your body is carrying for so long.

4. Clears Your Mind From Negative Thoughts – The weightless state combined with the distraction-free environment that you’ll experience for 1 hour inside the pod allows your mind to be cleared from any negative thoughts. Likewise, it allows you to focus on your breathing alone which relieves your mind and body from all the tension you are feeling and uplifting your mood at the same time.

5. Being In-Control With Your Emotions – Lastly, undergoing Float therapy for several sessions helps develop your bodily awareness and improve your meditative state. And through this method of healing, you’ll be able to keep your negative feelings in check and have a positive outlook on life.

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