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How To Relieve Anxiety With Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Meditation is the process of healing the mind and elimination of any subconscious garbage. And guided meditation through breathing techniques and chanting of mantras can effectively increase consciousness to release anxious thoughts inside your head.

Learn more as we are going to discuss how to relieve anxiety with Kundalini Yoga meditation and take advantage of these 3 meditation techniques to help release both conscious and subconscious thoughts that cause you to be stressed, worried, and anxious.

Sunia(n) Antar: Meditation Technique For Emotional Balance

meditation relieve anxiety kundalini yoga meditationThis method of meditation is essentially recommended for women who feel worried, uneasy, and are dealing with irrational thoughts.

The process starts by reducing your breathing rate to 4 breaths/minute from the usual 15 breaths/minute to achieve direct control of our mind and the subconscious part of your brain. Then, sit on a comfortable doing a chest out a position without cramping the muscles in your neck area. Close your eyes for 3 to 11 minutes until you feel a state of “inner peace” and a calm mind. Continue doing this process until your breathing automatically becomes slow.

Sunia(n) Antar meditation may seem very easy to do, but it actually helps your body and mind to eliminate any obnoxious behavior that you have while achieving a calm mind regardless of the surroundings that you’re in. Likewise, it’s also an ideal technique for balancing your brain’s function.

Meditation Technique For A More Stable Self

This technique is considered as an advanced type of Kundalini Yoga meditation. And we also recommend this since it helps stabilize the pranic body so your mind will develop an improved sense of self and remove any anxious thoughts. Likewise, this mediation technique also eliminates our physical reactions from stressful thoughts and makes our minds calmed and focused at the same time.

yoga relieve anxiety kundalini yoga meditationTo do this, you have to sit in an easy position and close your eyes while leaving 1/10th of your eyelids partially open. Then, try to focus your gaze at the brow point while holding your right hand at 4 to 6 inches near your throat area. Clinch it into a fist and point your thumb upwards and do the same on your left hand and place it underneath your right hand. Then adjust the left hand so the thumb is positioned 2 inches apart from the right hand.

Inhale quickly and then exhale right away while holding your breath as you maintain a straight body position as the neck is locked. Count up to 26 and visualize the energy flow through your spine up to the center of your head. Do this process for 3 to 11 minutes.

Meditation Technique To Eliminate Fears Of What The Future Might Hold

And lastly, this Kundalini Yoga meditation technique is designed to ease our might of any fearful thoughts about our future that’s been created by our subconscious based on our past memories. Also, it helps connect our ‘flow of life’ to the center of the heart.

To do this, you also have to sit on an easy position and cross your arms (right over left) as this will produce “a secured feeling” and rest it against your chest while raising your shoulders. Then, meditate through the Surat Shabd Yoga method for 11 to 31 minutes. End the process by inhaling deeply and relaxation.

If you want to test this yoga in your home, online Kundalini yoga classes are also available. Just click on the link to join their classes.

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