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The 4 Latest Welding Technologies That Can Save You Time And Money

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The welding industry is constantly evolving and developing new innovations faster than ever before. In fact, these technologies were made to ensure welding jobs will be more exact, cost-effective, and efficient.

Below are the 4 latest welding technologies that can save you time and money.

Surface Tension Transfer (STT) Process

This technology is developed by Lincoln Electric and it is intended for improving productivity by replacing older welding techniques such as gas tungsten and gas metal types of arc welding. The benefits of STT process are the following:

  • Reduce welding fumes
  • Reduce welding splatters
  • Decrease the time spent just to train someone to do this process
  • Increase the speed of welding time

Surface Tension Transfer is perfect for welding hard types of metal like stainless and galvanized steel.

Laser Welding

This is the newest among the 4 latest welding technologies in this list. In this method, the light is converted into heat (energy). Likewise, the radiation that is produced by this process allows beams to reach greater distances while having a considerable amount in loss of quality.

Although the initial cost of laser welding is expensive compared to traditional spot welding methods, the cycle time will be reduced and therefore the operation will be efficient and the time spent in doing welding jobs will be quickly finished.

Friction Stir Welding

This new method of welding is perfect for car manufacturing companies who want to reduce manufacturing cost without compromising the quality of the automotive and the safety of every welding job. Friction stir welding is done moving a rotating machine on top an aluminum sheet to bond 2 metal materials into place.

This welding method was developed by Honda motors to lower the cost while speeding up the assembly line production without affecting the safety features of every vehicle. In addition, the implementation of this new welding technique has also reduced the body weight of every vehicle up to 25%.

Moreover, other more prominent organizations like NASA have also begun implementing the use of this method on all their welding projects.

Resistance Spot Welding

And last on this latest welding technologies list is a technique that makes use of pointed-tip electrodes to bond 2 metal pieces. To be specific, multi-ringed dome electrodes are applied on the upper and lower portion to weld the aluminum pieces.

GMC (General Motors Company) has already made use of resistance spot welding to get rid of 2 lbs. of rivets from the lift gates, hood, and doors. And as a result, they were able to create lighter and more fuel-efficient process thanks to this revolutionary welding process.

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