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Meteorite Engagement Ring

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meteorite engagement ring

Meteorite is a unique and beautiful material that looks great in rings. But, like anything, it can rust if you don’t take care of it correctly.

Luckily, maintenance for these stunning bands is fairly simple. Here are some tips to help you keep your meteorite ring looking amazing.


Inlays of meteorite are a popular way to add a unique touch to wedding rings. However, the authenticity of these rings isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. In order to ensure you are purchasing a genuine meteorite ring, it is best to go with a trusted and reputable jewelry vendor who offers a certificate of authenticity along with the product.

Authentic meteorites can be identified by their Widmanstatten patterns. These are a series of bands or ribbons that form on the surface of nickel-iron meteorites such as kamacite and taenite. The pattern is a natural phenomenon and can only be found on genuine meteorites.

Another way to check the authenticity of a meteorite engagement ring is by examining it for inclusions. Unlike most other gemstones, genuine meteorite often contains dark marks, cracks and small holes. Inclusions are caused by a variety of factors including meteorite’s temperature fluctuations and atmospheric pressures, and they are a good indicator of the origin of your ring.

Additionally, authentic meteorite is magnetic and will attract magnets. This is a simple test that can be used on any type of meteorite, but it’s the quickest way to determine whether or not your ring is genuine.

If you’re buying a meteorite ring online, it is important to ask the seller for a proof of authenticity before making a purchase. Most vendors will be more than happy to provide you with this documentation as they want to make sure that their customers are getting the best quality products possible.

It is also a good idea to periodically soak your meteorite ring in rubbing alcohol in order to dry out any moisture that may have built up on the ring. This can help to prevent rusting in the future.

Authentic meteorite is an amazing material that can be crafted into beautiful and unique rings. These rings are a great choice for couples who are looking to celebrate their individualism and uniqueness on their special day. With proper care, a meteorite engagement ring will last a lifetime and be a reminder of how much your partner means to you.


If you want something really unique for a wedding or engagement ring, try a meteorite ring. They are classy, elegant and truly out of this world. They are also a perfect expression of one’s own sense of individualism. They can be worn with just about any dress code and they are a great way to make a statement that is uniquely you.

Meteorite is quite durable and a natural material that has gained popularity in jewelry making. However, it is prone to corrosion and rusting because of its high iron content. Therefore, a meteorite ring must be treated carefully in order to ensure its longevity. It is important to avoid contact with liquids, including cosmetics and hairspray, and to keep it away from water or other harsh chemicals. It is also a good idea to take off your meteorite ring before engaging in activities that could cause it to get wet.

It is also important to choose a reputable seller when purchasing a meteorite ring, as some will provide you with a certificate of authenticity. This will give you peace of mind that the ring is genuine and has not been made from recycled material. Another advantage of choosing a meteorite ring is that it can be made into a wide variety of styles. It can be carved into a band, used as an inlay or featured as a center stone. It can even be paired with other metals like platinum or gold to create an eye-catching contrast.

The most popular type of meteorite used for rings is Gibeon meteorite, which was found in Namibia and dates back to prehistoric times. It is composed of nickel, cobalt and phosphorous and has beautiful crystalline patterns that pair well with other materials in jewelry-making. It is also easy to work with and has a very striking look. It is a perfect choice for men’s and women’s wedding and engagement bands. In addition to its versatility, it is also affordable.


Authentic meteorite is a unique material that’s sure to make your partner feel special. It’s a beautiful choice for an engagement or wedding band because it’s not only rare, but also a symbol of your commitment to one another. However, as an astronomical material, meteorite is not something to be worn carelessly. As it contains iron, it will rust easily if exposed to water or other oxidizing materials, such as chlorine, bleach and salt. This is why it’s important to take extra steps to ensure your ring is kept safe and looking its best.

Keeping your meteorite ring dry is the first thing you need to do. It’s recommended that you remove it before engaging in activities that would cause it to come into contact with moisture, such as swimming, weightlifting and rock climbing. This will not only protect the ring from rusting, but it’ll help prevent the wear-and-tear that would be caused by the constant abrasion of touching surfaces with the ring on them.

The next step is to keep the ring away from oxidizing chemicals and cleaning solutions. If you’re using a cleaner with a strong chemical content, make sure to place a piece of tape over any areas that contain other materials such as solid lapidary or dinosaur bone, in order to protect those areas from the cleaning solution.

Finally, you’ll need to re-coat your ring periodically with a wax to help repel moisture. This will also make the ring more resistant to scratching, as a layer of wax will help protect the metal from nicks and scratches.

A meteorite engagement ring is the perfect way to show your partner that you’re both astronomical fans and that you’ll work together to explore our universe. It’s a stunning choice that’s incredibly durable and unique. With proper care, it can last a lifetime – and isn’t that what your love is all about?

For those that are looking to buy a meteorite ring, we recommend contacting us to discuss your options. We can custom design the ring that will suit you and your partner perfectly.


Although the rarity and beauty of a meteorite engagement ring are worth a lot, you have to be careful and take extra steps to maintain it properly. It has a high iron content that makes it susceptible to rusting, and it can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals, salt, and acidic solutions. The best thing to do is avoid touching your ring with these substances, as they can ruin its quality and even cause it to rust completely. In addition to this, you should also keep it away from water and chlorine, as it can hasten rusting.

Inlay meteorite rings are made with tungsten carbide and have a polished coating that will protect it from rust. However, most other meteorite rings have a more natural finish that is more prone to rusting. In order to minimize rusting, you should clean your ring regularly and use a jewelry polishing cloth to remove any dirt. You should also apply a thin layer of ring wax to protect the surface.

If your ring does get wet, you should dry it as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should remove it before doing the dishes or other household chores, and you should never wear it while swimming in a pool. You should also avoid exposing your ring to harsh chemicals like hairspray, soap, and lotion. If you do encounter any chemicals, you should immediately wash your hands and apply a protective layer of ring wax.

Getting your partner a meteorite ring is a wonderful way to show them how much you care about them. While it may require more maintenance than a traditional diamond ring, it will be worth it in the long run. Besides, there is no other jewelry that can match the sentimental value of this unique design. If you are ready to purchase a meteorite ring, make sure you do your research first to find a responsible vendor. Choosing the right one will ensure that you have a great experience with your new piece of jewelry. Moreover, it will be something that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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