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My Little Pony: Friends Forever – Starlight Glimmer

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starlight glimmer

Starlight Glimmer is a unicorn that serves as a mentor to Twilight Sparkle. She is also one of the Mane Six’s most trusted friends.

When she was a pony, she founded her own village in the outskirts of Equestria where cutie marks were forbidden. To protect her people from the damage that she felt cutie marks did to friendships, Starlight developed a secret power. She used the staff of sameness to replace everyone’s cutie marks with boring equal signs.

Her personality

She is a kind-hearted, sweet, confident, positive pony who loves to spend time with her friends and family. She also cares a lot about others’ well-being and is very concerned about how her actions will affect them.

Starlight has a strong sense of justice and she is a good judge of character, so she often gets involved in disputes between her friends and opposing characters. She is also a great listener, which helps her understand the emotions of others better.

As a child, she was fascinated by magic. She practiced it with her friend Sunburst and she learned a lot of spells. As a result, she developed her own magical abilities and became a powerful unicorn with an impressive talent.

After her village was thrown down to Earth in 2011, she was taken in by Vava Arbogastt and his crime family. She quickly rose to prominence within the family and became a billionaire. She was smart and compulsive with her planning, and she was a master at making bets; once she bet $12,000 that a man could not swallow a cue ball.

Despite her strong personality, she is sometimes very timid and easily frightened. She is especially fearful of becoming a leader, but she soon learns that it is her natural talent and she overcomes this.

She possesses a unique talent; she can drain a pony’s talent by stealing their cutie mark and replacing it with an equal sign. However, she needs to keep the stolen cutie marks in a safe place or else they will return to their owners.

In the Season Five finale, she uses a time spell to travel back in time and prevent Rainbow Dash from performing her first sonic rainboom. When she succeeds, she changes Equestria’s history and makes Twilight and Spike unable to stop her.

In her role as a guidance counselor at the School of Friendship, she takes an empathetic approach to her students. She shows extreme dedication to them, allowing them to come to her at any time for help. She also takes the time to discuss their social issues with them and gives them advice.

Her powers

Starlight Glimmer is a unicorn pony who is a recurring character in My Little Pony: Friends Forever. She is initially an antagonist but later becomes a protagonist in the series.

In season six, she is Twilight Sparkle’s student in the ways of friendship and helps save Equestria from Queen Chrysalis in the finale. She is also a guidance counselor at the School of Friendship in season eight and appears as an occasional guest character.

Her powers include her ability to transform into a star and the ability to “stare” at other creatures. She can also use the Fiducia Compelus spell to mind-control ponies and teleport them to other places.

Originally, she founded a small village that banned cutie marks, believing that sharing their special talents with the world was a disservice to others and caused disharmony. She used a fake magic stick called the Staff of Sameness to remove cutie marks from ponies in her village, and replaced them with equals signs. When she met Twilight Sparkle and her friends, they challenged her and discovered that the Staff of Sameness was a lie and that it only removed cutie marks that were already present in the village.

She learns that the true value of cutie marks is uniqueness and that sharing them with the world is an important part of being a good friend, which leads her to change her views about the value of cute marks and become more accepting of them. She later joins the Mane Six in their efforts to save Equestria and helps them to defeat Queen Chrysalis during their battle.

Her most prominent power is her ability to “stare” at other creatures, which makes them unable to fight or move to meekness while they’re under her influence. She also has the ability to turn her own cutie mark into a star, which can be used to teleport herself anywhere in the universe she wants.

Starlight’s personality changes as she grows older, and she develops a strong desire to be a good friend. She begins to take friendship lessons from Twilight and tries to impress her by solving many different problems at once. She also takes an active interest in many of the recurring characters in Ponyville, including Trixie Lulamoon, Songbird Serenade, and Sunburst. She also develops a friendship with her former village’s villagers.

Her enemies

Chrysalis is the queen of changelings, a race of shapeshifting pony-like insects that feed off the love of their human hosts. She was first encountered in season two’s finale, “A Canterlot Wedding,” when she transformed into Princess Cadance to feed on Shining Armor’s love and regain control over her subjects.

She was later revealed to be a ruthless, sly, and evil monarch, who had a stronghold in Wuvey-Dovey Smoochy Land. She wanted to take over Equestria for herself, claiming that Twilight Sparkle had left her to join her forces and was the cause of her defeat.

In order to get her way, she enacted a scheme that impersonated various members of the Mane 6 in an effort to sow discord among the group. She was amused by the results, but it was soon clear that she had made a blunder.

Eventually, Chrysalis allied herself with Radiant Hope to invade the Crystal Empire in an attempt to reclaim the stolen Crystal Heart and destroy it. Unfortunately, the combined power of the Royal Sisters and the Princesses foiled her plan, and she and her Changelings were subdued.

As a result, she was unable to gain control of the Crystal Empire and her forces fled. She later reunited with her former allies, and allied with them to invade Canterlot in an attempt to conquer the town and take control of Equestria.

She is the main villain of the season five premiere, The Cutie Map. Originally the leader of a town that had all its residents give up their Cutie Marks, she is later revealed to be hiding her own. She is defeated by the townsfolk, who reclaim their marks, and she disappears.

The series also introduces Cozy Glow, a scheming witch who seeks to take over the School of Friendship by stealing its magic. She aims to usurp the school and become the Empress of Friendship, but is foiled by Twilight Sparkle and her Young Six.

Another of Starlight’s most significant enemies is the witch Hydia, who lives in the Volcano of Gloom alongside her daughters Reeka and Draggle. She is a powerful witch who despises everything that is pretty and beautiful and aims to make all of Equestria dreary and grim. She also unleashes the Smooze, an unstoppable purple ooze that makes anyone who is splashed by it grumpy and woeful.

Her role in the series

Starlight Glimmer first appeared in season six, where she became Twilight Sparkle’s student and learnt the ways of friendship. She also helps Twilight defeat Queen Chrysalis in the season six finale and is later promoted to be guidance counselor at the School of Friendship in season eight.

In the season six premiere, she is portrayed as timid and easily intimidated, and she resents being in a leadership role because of her past actions, but once she becomes more comfortable, she proves to have a natural talent for it. In the season six finale, she is a part of the battle against Queen Chrysalis and works with Trixie to evacuate the School of Friendship before confronting Chrysalis. She then defeats Chrysalis and helps bring harmony to the Changeling Kingdom.

As the season progresses, she becomes more confident in her judgment and is able to question figures like Star Swirl the Bearded about their plan of banishing Stygian to limbo. She even challenges her idol Twilight about the right thing to do in a battle against the Pony of Shadows in To Change a Changeling.

She also shows a deep interest in kite-flying, as seen in Rock Solid Friendship and Fluttershy Leans In. She befriends Maud Pie, whom she meets during the founding of her village, and the two form a bond over rocks and kite-flying.

After the Mane Six reopen the School of Friendship, Starlight is appointed as the new guidance counselor to help the students with their problems. However, Discord, who feels left out of the school activities, constantly torments the students and puts them at risk, until Starlight banishes him from the school grounds in A Matter of Principals.

Her sarcastic nature can be seen in To Change a Changeling, when she scoffs at Twilight’s suggestion that the Pillars could reach out to Stygian and remove his darkness instead of banishing him. She also shows a reluctance to take a stand for her own values, but she eventually realizes that she is wrong and tries to make a difference.

She also makes a comeback in the season seven finale, when she confronts Queen Chrysalis and helps her defeat Thorax. Afterwards, she goes back to her village and takes part in the Sunset Festival. She later returns to the G1 pony world in the season eight finale, where she teaches the new students at the School of Friendship the value of individuality and uniqueness.

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