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Reviews on The 5 Best Robots for Kids’ Fun Learning

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The fun learning experience in science activities often involves amazing robots for kids, which they use during school events or playtime explorations.

We made a roundup of the best products where you can easily pick from to help make the search faster. Since robotic features are already getting smarter every year, here are smart ways of knowing what are the things to look out for when choosing the best product for your kid.


Choosing The Best Robot for Kids: Smart Tips

Toy Robot For Kids

  • The Learning Features

Various products are considered as the best robots for kids that are being sold in the market. Although, there are differences in the learning features that each product are promoting for kids’ fun and learning experience in science exploration about robotics.

What you’ll most likely want to look for in a robot device for kids are the STEM features. STEM learning employs kids to gain knowledge of fundamental coding and programming. The coding interfaces of a product may also differ from others. The coding interface that is ideal for kids at a younger age is on a beginners’ level. Advanced level of coding features on robotic devices is more suitable for older kids. Coding and programming are usually accomplished through mobile apps that can be connected through compatible smart devices.

  • The Fun Features

Fun features relate to the add-on activities that kids can take advantage of when playing their robot device. Activities such as building their own robot model, installing games on the robot’s system, or a sensor motion attribute for interactive play encourages a more fun experience in their childhood.

Interactive robots for kids are more fun than those that have a limited amount of activities being presented. As a parent, you would prefer products that promote more fun and learning features that can contribute to your kids’ satisfaction.

  • The Suitable Age Range

Choosing a toy suitable for your kids’ age plays a vital part in their level of satisfaction. Some features may not be appropriate for the level of comprehension and ability of your kids to manage. Science toys such as robotic devices require your kids’ careful ability to understand the proper use.

Very young children may not enjoy the difficulty of high-level features in a robotic device. On the other hand, older kids might also find features that are easy to operate as boring and not enjoyable for their level of understanding.

  • The Budget Considerations

High-featured products have higher corresponding prices. Nonetheless, many leading robots for kids are affordable and will surely fit your allotted budget.

This consideration does not solely apply to the price of a specific product. The only important thing is that your kids will feel satisfied with the robot device that you picked for them. Nothing encompasses the happiness that we see in their eyes when they feel loved whenever they receive a reward from their parents.


FAQs on Robots for Kids

What are the benefits that kids can get from robot toys?

The building, coding, and programming robots are beneficial for kids’ enrichment of their knowledge about engineering science. It teaches them systematic ways to exercise their intellect and creativity.

Aside from an appreciation for science, they will also feel motivated in improving personal traits. They will learn to feel confident in their accomplishments. They can also portray positive regard toward their character growth and self-awareness.

What is the importance of learning about robots?

Robot devices are products of the most creative minds who worked together in building such things that help us live better lives. Robotic technology can serve as an example to young people. They can appreciate the determination that inventors and scientists have shown in providing joy in the hearts of many people, not only kids. It is an ultimate accomplishment to be able to inspire others by continuing to pursue superior technology products.


The 5 Best Robots for Kids: Roundup of Reviews

LEGO Boost Robot Building Set

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox Robot

The LEGO Boost Robot Building Set is a coding kit for kids who are aspiring to nurture their scientific curiosity. They can ultimately experience the whole process of building and programming a robot.

There are 5 instructional models in the LEGO Boost Robot Build Set that your kids can assemble. They all have different functions that kids will love to discover. Vernie the Robot can dance, crack jokes, and even pass gas! Frankie the Cat can display moods, and like a natural cat, it plays and purrs, too. Kids can use the Guitar4000 to play sound effects and change pitches. The M.T.R. 4 rover has four tool attachments with a spring-loaded shooter. The Auto Builder model can build miniature Lego models.

The LEGO Boost requires a tablet to download the app where kids can code the behaviors of the robot model they want to assemble. The coding process is easy to understand by kids. They can customize the robot models in terms of color, distance, and tilt sensors.


Product Features

🚩 Model No.: 17101

🚩 Battery: 6pcs. AAA 1.5V

🚩 Weight: 4.95 pounds

🚩 Dimensions: 21.3 x 11.1 x 3.6 inches

  • Vernie the Robot- 10 inches tall
  • Guitar4000- 1 inch high, 16 inches long, and 5 inches wide
  • Frankie the Cat- 6 inches tall
  • AutoBuilder- 10 inches high
  • M.T.R.4- 4 inches high, 9 inches long, and 5 inches wide



😀 I.Q. booster

😀 5 robot models

😀 847 Lego pieces

😀 STEM-inspired educational toy

😀 Compatible with selected iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 10 devices

😀 For kids 7-12 years old



😞 Batteries not included

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Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

Dash Robot can be straightly used out of the box with a fully-charged battery and updated operating system. It is one of the top-rating robots for kids that parents and teachers promote as a fun learning system for science enthusiasts. 

Teach your kids how to code and transform the Dash robot for creative learning. The package comes with a sketch kit, building block connectors, and more. The interactive features from this modern toy can help kids develop their confidence in being knowledgeable about the latest robotic technology.


Product Features

🚩 Model No.: DA01

🚩 Battery: rechargeable Lithium-ion

🚩 Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE

🚩 Playing time: 5 hours

🚩 Standby time: 30 days

🚩 Weight: 3 pounds

🚩 Dimensions: 6.69 x 7.17 x 6.34 inches



😀 Voice-activated

😀 5 free programming STEM apps

😀 Compatible with mobile devices

😀 With accessories for Dash transformations

😀 For kids 6 years old and above



😞 Few automated features

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Anki Cozmo Robot

Anki Cozmo Educational Robot

The Anki Cozmo Robot may be small, but what it lacks in size is making up for its might. It has advanced coding features that will provide kids rich knowledge in programming while playing.

Cozmo is an A.I. robot that explores like a mini rover, recognizes facial features and past interactions, and expresses feelings through a screen display. It can fit your kids’ personal science buddy. They can learn how to code together in the Code Lab for the beginners’ lesson. Once they’ve mastered the first level, they can jump into Python-based coding for advanced exercises.


Product Features

🚩 Model No.: 000-00057

🚩 Weight: 2.34 pounds

🚩 Dimensions: 7.2 x 5 x 8 inches

🚩 Control Distance:



😀 A. I. ready

😀 Beginner to advanced coding interfaces

😀 Compatible with Android and iOS devices

😀 Smart app control

😀 Fun Explorer Mode

😀 For kids 8 years old and above



😞 No voice control feature

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Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot

Boxer Interactive AI Robot

Boxer is a cute little robot for kids to play fun games with. It has a set of activity cards included in the package. You can also download a free app on your smart device to add more games in the robot’s system. It is rigged with motion sensors that allow it to make interactive movements with kids. It can produce sound effects and also has a tiny screen display where it can make animated expressions. Your kids can remotely control Boxer with the device included in the package. 


Product Features

🚩 Model No.: 6045909

🚩 Battery: 3 LR44, rechargeable

🚩 Weight: 0.79 pounds

🚩 Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.2 x 6.8 inches



😀 A.I.robot

😀 No assembly required

😀 With 10 game cards 

😀 IR remote control

😀 Batteries included

😀 Interactive ball accessory

😀 Available in Black or Blue colors

😀 For kids 6-8 years old



😞 Non-programmable

Check On Amazon


Sikaye RC Robot

Sikaye RC Robot For Kids

Sikaye’s RC Robot is an intelligent interactive toy robot for kids that teaches concepts in robotics, technology, and science in general. These skills can be trained to kids as young as six years old.

This robot for kids has a programmable feature that enables it to make about 50 movements. The motion sensor makes it enjoyable for kids to walk, sing, dance, and play with Sikaye’s RC Robot. Kids can also make gestures that will prompt the robot to move forward, backward, or sideways. The 8 playing modes are demo mode, speed mode, information mode, programmed mode, English speaking mode, music mode, song mode, and the unique robot language mode.


Product Features

🚩 Model No.: SG_B07D4F42KT_US

🚩 Battery: 2 pcs. 1.5V, AAA

🚩 Charging time: 2 hours

🚩 Playing time: 2-3 hours

🚩 Control Distance: 3-5 meters



😀 Interactive motion-sensor

😀 8 playing modes

😀 Remote multi-function gesture control

😀 Programmable actions

😀 Educational concepts

😀 For kids 6-12 years old



😞 Short playing time

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Best Overall Robot for Kids

Our preferred overall robot for kids on this best selection of products is the LEGO Boost Robot Building Set. This robot set does not only promote educational features in coding and programming but a fun and learning experience in building kids’ very own robot models as well.

The five Lego Boost Robot models can stimulate kids’ imagination in constructing Lego pieces. They can make it into objects or animal figures that can be coded and programmed into doing impressive movements. The app connected to the robot has an easy coding interface that kids between 7-12 years old can decode on their own. The activities that comprise these programs stir kids’ curiosity on how to tinker through the world of science.

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