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Hair Loss Treatment: Ru58841 Solution Vs Finasteride Solution

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As you are reading this article, it’s already established that Ru58841 is one of the most popular topical anti-androgen used today for hair loss. On the other hand, Finasteride is also considered as a widely used product for the same reason.

But which of these products are effective in preventing the common issue of balding?

Learn more as we are going to give a comprehensive review of Ru58841 solution and Finasteride solution and let you decide which product will work for you for treating your problem of losing a significant amount of hair.

Head To Head Comparison

While there are several anecdotal reviews being provided about the comparison of Ru58841 solution and Finasteride solution, there aren’t much scientific data given on the internet.

But we recently found this scientific study and we thought it’s something worth delving into.

According to this study, the 2 different hair loss products were being stacked against each other to find out which is more effective for treating baldness. To be specific, the purpose of the study was to determine the impact of these products through systemic hormone levels.

The details of the study are as follows:

hairloss treatment ru58841 solution vs finasteride solution

The researchers gathered 10 stump-tailed macaques as subjects. These monkeys were selected as the ideal biological subjects because they possess hereditary characteristics to that of a person who has androgenic alopecia or other types of balding.

4 of these macaques have been treated with a 5% topical solution of Ru58841. The next 3 subjects were treated with a 0.5% topical solution of Ru58841, while the rest were treated with a vehicle solution that does not contain Ru58841 – all within the duration of 6 months.

The usual dosing protocol was based on the 5% solution that is normally offered to people who have androgenic alopecia.

Then, another 10 macaques are selected to take Finasteride orally at 1mg/kg to 10mg/kg a day, also for the next 6 months depending on their registered weight.

Finally, a third set of 10 macaques were given an oral placebo.


After the duration of the study, skin biopsies were taken to determine the efficacy of the Ru58841 and Finasteride.

It was found out that the amount of anagen hair follicles, or hairs that are in the active growth phase have significantly enlarged compared to the pre-treatment stages for both hair loss products. Aside from that, the vellus follicles, or thin hairs that are barely noticeable, have also displayed substantial terminal growth.

So it goes to show that both Ru58841 and Finasteride are both effective in treating the issue of hair loss. But what’s amazing is that the results of the test also showed that anagen follicles have grown at least 88% more after applying Finasteride while it has enlarged 103% more after using Ru58841 with 5% strength.


Final Thoughts

All in all, we can safely conclude that both Ru58841 solution and Finasteride are effective for curing hair loss. But when trying to find out which is MORE effective, then the answer is definitely Ru58841.

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