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How does a solar panel work?

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Guest post by Felistus

In rural areas, particularly in places where utility power is not available, solar panels are the answer. Irrespective of where electrical power is needed, be it for a mountain top cabin, a cruising sailboat or a family home, there is a solar system to fill the needs. Here you will know how to do solar panels function.

Solar panels collect the energy from the sun to generate electricity to devices or for a use that needs electrical power.

Solar photovoltaic cells are placed in a grid-like way on the face of the panel. These voltaic cells harvest sunlight at the day and convert it into energy. Energy is created when sunlight strikes the solar panels crystals and causes some electrons to break loose.

The quantity of power produced relies heavily on the quality of the solar panels and the technology in making it. Panels of unique semiconductors like silicon convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity.

Of the three main kinds of panels available, monocrystalline panels have the highest output per cell area and are the most expensive. Polycrystalline cells are slightly less expensive. Thin film type, though considered unbreakable, are only half as efficient per cell area.

We are now moving closer to harnessing the full potential of solar energy, but much has still to be done regarding research to make it cost-efficient before it can be used on a widespread basis. The advantages of using solar panels to harvest the energy of the sun for general household use will dramatically cut electric bills and reduce pollution.

Solar modules are used to harness solar energy. These modules can be customized to cater for different power generation needs. On a commercial basis, the modules of crystalline silicon are the most efficient available. These modules are designed in complete packages for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Solar panels in the past have been of silicon, but as silicon is becoming more expensive, research has turned to other materials. Lately, a whole new type of solar panel is produced. They are made of plastic, and the price is comparatively low. These plastic panels work just as well to power just about any appliance that is used in a home out in a remote location.

Solar panels are mostly placed on the roof. The power generated is transmitted to a battery for storage and household power needs are drawn from this storage.

Solar energy is also most suitable for heating water for household use, swimming pools, and hot tubs. The best thing about solar power is that it does not release harmful emissions or effluents leading to global warming, acid rains, and smog.

The amount of the electricity depends on several factors to explain the process as how does solar energy work –

-How strong is the solar energy?
-How big is the solar device?
-How much of its surface is exposed to the sun?

Research and competition are slowly bringing down the price of solar panels. The panels used to be popular in rural areas but now the scenario is changing, and solar power is fast entering the urban areas. When, one day, the use of solar energy for household use becomes a common practice, power companies will have to decrease rates to the benefit of everybody irrespective of whether the household uses solar panels or not.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels for your home use, ensure that your property has good access to sunlight. Be prepared also to spend in the region of more than $ 20,000. This may look expensive, but it will save you a lot in the long run.

The utility of solar panels is great. Having solar panels installed on your home, you can live anywhere even in rural areas without preceding the conveniences of the city and without having to install expensive electrical line extensions from noisy generators.

With electricity immediately available, you can enjoy all the facilities you would have enjoyed in your urban home, with a bonus of being free from noise and pollution through the use of solar panels.

With the increasing demand for solar power, the inventors of the solar system are walking on the way to discover more light, solar cells to work more conveniently.

The advantages that are coming out as the result of the solar energy determine an everlasting period of working in the heart of the world.




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