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Starlight Glimmer (Movie Review)

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Starlight Glimmer is a mentally unstable unicorn with a lot of magic knowledge. She was a foe of Twilight’s Sparkle but she has learned the error of her ways and now she is one of the Princess’s most loyal friends and apprentices.

She also uses her magical skills to create stars on the roof of various luxury cars.


Starlight glimmer is an imposing creature with a bevy of kino equences. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she’s certainly not short on wit or oomph. She’s a master of the big game, and has more than one eye on her latest prize in the form of Twilight sparkle. As you can guess, she’s also a bit of a snob when it comes to her peers. This is probably the reason she’s the one of the few unicorns that actually make it through the gates. Among other things, she’s also a proud member of the pony club. Despite her petty peccadillos, she’s the envy of her fellow ponies, and she’s one to watch out for. The best part? She’s a cutie to boot!


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Starlight glimmer is a mentally unstable unicorn with a lot of magic knowledge. She was one of Twilight Sparkle’s (Amy Kuber) greatest enemies, but she has learned the error of her ways and is now a trusted member of the Princess of Magic’s (Erin Moriarty) team.

She possesses a wide range of skills and abilities that allow her to fight with ease, including the ability to harness electrical currents nearby in order to shoot electric beams from her hands. Her most notable powers however are her confidence and the ability to fly.

In Season 3 of The Boys, Starlight’s character arc culminates in two pivotal moments where she utilizes her newly acquired superpowers to fight off Homelander and Hughie (Jack Quaid) alone. While her first new power was a superpower that enables her to fly, her second is the ability to draw on nearby electrical currents in order to boost her strength and stamina.

To activate her skills, she needs to equip a God Arc part or an Upgrade part that has the specific skill she wants to use. This will then grant her the additional stat boosts/penalties, special abilities and handicaps that come with that particular skill.

Her physical skills are mainly focused on melee combat and her pure strength during battles. Her social skills are also likely to affect her ability to interact with other characters, as well as convincing hostiles and bringing people to her side.

The glimmering skills of starlight glimmer can be broken down into three sections: Normal Skills, Burst Skills and Multi-effect Skills. The former are the most common types of skills, while the latter are more powerful and powerful compared to the other two.

Normal Skills are the most common type of skills and grant the player additional stat boosts/penalties, abilities or handicaps when activated. They can be either single- or multiple-effect and cannot overlap with other skills of the same name.

Burst Skills are a bit different from the other two types of skills in that they are more powerful and can also have overlapping effects with other skills of the same name. These skills can be stacked, but the maximum HP, OP and ST allowed in-game is 150.


Starlight Glimmer fosters a number of relationships in her life. One of her biggest relationships is with Trixie.

During the show, Trixie became a good friend to Starlight when she was burdened by her past. She would bring her along to special events and try to cheer her up whenever she was feeling sad or depressed.

But Trixie got upset after Starlight started becoming more devoted to her role as a guidance counselor. She was worried that she wouldn’t have time to spend with her or that she might neglect other friends if she focused on her duties. This was a problem for both parties as Trixie wanted to be there for her friend.

Even Starlight was concerned about her friendship with Trixie. At first, she thought that she had been chosen to be her friend because Trixie was good at something, but after finding out that Starlight wasn’t interested in helping Trixie and that she only became friends with Starlight to compete against Twilight, she began to distrust Trixie.

She was also offended by the fact that Trixie had become a friend of Starlight just to get her to beat her. After she was reprimanded by Twilight, Starlight realized that she had been misled and decided to make her own decisions about who her friends should be.

Despite this, Trixie did not change her ways and continued to doubt that she could be trusted. At one point, she even told her that she was jealous of Twilight Sparkle’s friendship with Sunset Shimmer and made it her goal to get her best friend away from her.

The underlying issue here is that Starlight is a sociopath who suffers from an unacknowledged lack of empathy for others. She is prone to being enraged at people she doesn’t like, but her anger doesn’t seem to affect her physicals in any way.

This makes her an extremely powerful unicorn who can use magic spells to get what she wants, and who is easily capable of discovering new spells in a short amount of time. She also has a talent for magic that allows her to remove cutie marks.

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