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Starlight Glimmer – The Cutie Mark

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starlight glimmer

Starlight Glimmer is a Sagittarius unicorn mare who ran a quiet village. She grew tired of her life and wanted to make a change.

She gathered a group of ponies from the village and told them to give up their cutie marks. This would make them all equal in her eyes.


Starlight is a purplish pink unicorn mare with violet eyes and a purple and mint green mane that’s styled into bangs on her forehead and wavy down the back. Her Cutie Mark is the shape of a compass with a swirl line. She first appeared in Season 5, and was later reformed in the two part finale The Cutie Re-Mark.

Starlight has a very complicated background story that plays into why she acts the way she does. As a filly, she had a very close friend named Sunburst who earned her cutie mark and went on to Canterlot. Apparently, this caused her to feel left out and as a result, she became very self-centered. This insecurity led her to attempt alicornation because she felt like it would give her everything she wanted, and more.

However, she ultimately realized that the alicornation wasn’t what she really wanted. All she wanted was to find true friendship and someone who understood her. With Twilight’s help, she apologized for her previous actions and eventually became a better pony.

Despite being redeemed, Starlight still struggles with the insecurity that caused her to act out in the first place. As a result, she can sometimes make poor decisions such as trying to reform Chrysalis by using the same method that she used on her and trading Trixie’s wagon without permission.

In addition to her personality, Starlight also has a very impressive magic skillset. She can use a wide range of spells including teleportation, transfiguration, super speed, and self duplication. She can also cast a crystal prison spell and control the elements of harmony. In addition, she can amplify her own emotions to perform miracles such as the one she uses to save Twinkle Sprinkle from the Changelings in To Change a Changeling.

Although, Starlight is a strong and powerful character, she can occasionally come across as overbearing and pushy. This can lead to her being viewed as a bully. She is also prone to petty behavior such as lying and manipulating her friends for her own benefit.

Voice Actors

Voice actors are some of the most talented and hardworking artists. They bring characters to life on the screen, influencing kids’ lives and entertaining adults. They often work in anonymity, but if you listen closely, you’ll notice their unique vocal style and theatrical delivery. Some big names get recognition, but many more deserve to be recognized by the fans that support them.

Starlight Glimmer is a unicorn mare that has a purple and mint streaked mane, tail, and body. She also has a cutie mark that is shaped like a compass with a swirl line. Her name is a combination of her two favorite hobbies: she loves reading and stargazing. Her magic is based on emotion, so the more she feels, the stronger her spells are. Starlight can use her magic to do a number of things, including teleportation, transforming herself into different creatures, and even making food disappear.

She runs a quiet village of about 25-30 ponies, but she wants to spread her message to the world. She believes that Alicorns are the best way to do this, so she decides to become an Alicorn and show everyone how great they are. She tries to teach everypony about friendship and the importance of sharing.

However, the lessons she learns are difficult. She finds it difficult to make friends because of her past, and she makes poor decisions like mind controlling the Mane 6, swapping the royal sisters’ cutie marks, and trading Trixie Lulamoon’s wagon without permission. Despite her mistakes, Twilight and the Mane 6 help her find a better way of life.

In the end, Starlight tries to make up for her wrongdoings. She makes an apology to her fellow villagers, but she feels the weight of her guilt. She is afraid of what the other ponies will think of her, but the white earth pony who saw the whole thing stands up for her.

Kelly Sheridan is the voice actor for Starlight Glimmer, Sassy Saddles, Misty Fly, and more in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She is a veteran voice actress with more than 25 years of experience. She has also starred as the lead voice for Barbie in Mattel’s computer animated movies, Ukyo in Ranma 1/2 and Sango in Inuyasha.

Cutie Marks

The cutie marks are an important symbol of friendship in Equestria, as they show each pony’s unique talents and abilities. This is why the Mane Six were so sad to lose their cutie marks in this episode, as they felt that it meant the loss of their friends’ special gifts.

Starlight Glimmer feels that differences are what causes pain and unhappiness, so she creates a town where everypony gives up their cutie marks so they can be equal. She even goes as far as to steal each of the Mane 6’s cutie marks and puts them in a special vault, which is shaped like an equal sign. She also keeps her own cutie mark and magic, using makeup and a special stencil to hide it from the villagers.

When Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six come to visit the village, they are shocked that they don’t have their cutie marks. They try to reason with Starlight, but she is indifferent and refuses to see the truth. She eventually goes back to her home, but her resentment for the Mane Six only grows.

The Mane Six eventually discover Starlight’s secret, and Fluttershy tricks her into revealing herself as a hypocrite by showing her her own cutie mark. This leads to Starlight taking the cutie marks she stole with her when she flees, and she hopes to take all of Equestria with her.

In the end, Starlight’s resentment of the Mane Six is what finally destroys her. Her plan to turn the whole of Equestria into her own little town was doomed from the start, but her bitterness prevented her from seeing it. Twilight brings her to the future where she has ruined her plans and shows her how the consequences of her actions will play out, but Starlight is still unable to learn.

In the end, the Mane Six return to Starlight’s village to find their cutie marks signaling once again. Twilight realizes that the village is still their home, and they spend some time there rediscovering their friendships for the first time in a while.


Starlight Glimmer is a friendly and warm pony who loves to give others advice. She’s also very responsible and likes to be in charge of things. However, she can sometimes be a little bossy and aggressive. This is especially true when she’s trying to get her friends to do something different.

As a filly, Starlight was best friends with Sunburst. They did everything together and spent every moment they could away from their parents. When Sunburst got his cutie mark, however, their friendship ended. Starlight was deeply hurt by this and harbored resentment towards cutie marks in general. She later developed a dark side and began using her magic to take cutie marks from other ponies.

Now, she’s working as the guidance counselor at Twilight Sparkle’s School of Friendship. She’s made a lot of new friends in this position, including Maud and Mudbrier. She’s also become very close to Trixie, despite their differences.

When it comes to her personality, Starlight is an ESFJ. This means she has high levels of Sensing and Feeling, as well as high levels of Thinking and Judging. This makes her very observant and aware of other people’s feelings, and she’s always thinking about what she can do to make everyone happy.

She’s also an extroverted character, which means she has high levels of extraversion and energy. This allows her to be very talkative and social, but it can also cause her to overdo it and become annoying.

Lastly, she has low levels of Neuroticism, which is a dimension that measures negative emotions. This means that Starlight is very susceptible to stress and anxiety, which can lead her to act irrationally at times.

Ultimately, Starlight is a great example of how important it is to accept oneself and learn from your mistakes. Throughout the series, she’s shown that it’s possible to overcome past hurts and develop healthy relationships in the future. This is why she’s such an important part of the show, and why her return in the season 6 finale was so exciting.

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