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Terpenes Explained – Benefits, Facts and More

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Marijuana terpenes prove to be a valuable commodity, not only for cannabis enthusiasts but also for the medical industry because of the amazing health benefits it provides. That’s why more are more growers are motivated to capitalize on the positive impact of terpenes because it’s sweet and pungent smell also commands premium prices.

Interested to know more about the health benefits of terpenes? Then we invite you to continue reading as we are going to tackle the incredible medicinal uses of cannabis terpenes in today’s entry.


Cannabis Terpenes Explained

Terpenes are the organic non-psychoactive molecules of the marijuana plant. These compounds influence the smell, taste, and effects by manipulating the terpene profile of the plant and enhance the aroma and flavor of the cannabis buds.

Although manipulation of these properties can be exciting, they are also highly-prized by medical experts because of its significant medicinal value. And because it’s non-addictive, terpenes can be used as a safe alternative for treating various health conditions.


What Are The Therapeutic Properties Of Terpenes?

  1. Myrcene – This is the most abundant kind of terpene in cannabis plants. In fact, it comprises 50 percent of the total terpene content of the plant and it produces an earthy and musky flavor with a bit of a fruity tinge like that of eucalyptus, mango, and lemongrass.

Research suggests that myrcene can reduce pain and inflammation in the body due to its ability to alter the permeability of our cell membranes. Likewise, it also acts as a regulator by enhancing or diminishing the effects of other terpenes in the plant.

  1. Limonene – This terpene is responsible for the citrus aroma in the plant. And it is also found to stimulate weight loss, treat bronchial infection, and a potential remedy for cancer.

Limonene is often added to cannabis-infused creams and ointments because of its medicinal properties when applied through topical administration.

  1. Linalool – While this kind of terpene is known for its distinct lavender scent, linalool also used as an antidepressant, antibacterial, analgesic, anticonvulsant, anti-tumor, and for stress relief.

In fact, a recent study has reestablished the stress relieving properties of this terpene by letting lab rats inhale linalool and then subjected them to a series of stressful conditions. As expected, the results showed that linalool actually normalized the stress levels of the rats while being exposed to tense situations.

  1. Pinene – This kind of terpene is also found in pine trees (thus, the name) and is responsible for producing the pine aroma and flavor in cannabis plants. Pinene is effective in treating viral and bacterial infections. Also, the efficacy of this terpene also extends to its cognitive capacities by enhancing focus and memory retention.
  2. Humulene – Finally, humulene is probably the most beneficial of all the cannabis terpenes because of its game-changing anti-cancer properties.

To be specific, this terpene produces a woodsy and hoppy odor. It has the ability to create reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can oxidize cancer cells and impede its growth through apoptosis.

And apart from its cancer-fighting properties, humulene is also an effective appetite suppressant, anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever.

These chemicals can also be obtained from other botanical sources. If you’re looking for premium terpenes for sale that doesn’t contain THC, CBD, and other controlled substances, please check out Mass Terpenes’ shop today. They currently offer a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for their terpenes and terp liquefy products. Check out their website to learn more about this promotion.

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