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The Science-Backed Therapeutic Benefits Of Compression Socks

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If you’re a runner, then you may have come across athletes wearing knee-high socks during competitions. Even you may have worn this kind of socks at some point. And that’s not unusual since wearing compression socks have been the usual practice not only in sporting events but also in hospitals and medical facilities by both patients and medical personnel.

In fact, you may even find a few pairs of this product as you are scurrying around the grocery or airport.

And if you’re interested to know more about the logic and the purpose of wearing these socks, then you’ve come to the right place.

Learn more as we are going to discuss the science-backed therapeutic benefits of the best compression socks in today’s article.


Why Do Compression Socks Feel So Good?

In essence, compression socks, or also known as compression stockings are socks that stretch from the foot to the knees that are typically used for compression therapy. And what makes these socks distinct from other footwear is that they usually apply tighter pressure around the foot area and gradually decrease pressure on the way up. The said pressure is the key component of this product as it stimulates proper blood circulation from the foot muscles, veins, and all the way to the heart.

The contraction of the calf muscles as well the pressure on the veins helps the blood to move out from our legs, this preventing any strain or soreness that we often feel, especially if we are standing for several hours in a day due to the “pooling” of the blood.

The best compression socks have a compression pressure between 8 to 40 mmHg and are properly fitted to conform to the ankle, the leg length, and the thigh circumference of the wearer. And experts recommend wearing compression socks for most of the day (while removing them during sleep) to maximize its therapeutic effects.



According to scientific research, here are the benefits of wearing a pair of compression socks:

Improved Blood Flow – The support you’ll get from compression therapy improves the flow of blood in your body. And as a result, it also provides immediate relief for foot pain, fatigued muscles, shin splints, and speed up the recovery process if you are suffering from injuries.

Support For Individuals Who Lack Exercise – For those people who don’t exercise, wearing compression socks can also be beneficial in the sense that it can prevent valve damage, lower limb swelling, sedentary clots. Aside from that, it also provides adequate support for heavy legs.

Relief For Pregnant Women – Compression socks provide relief for expectant women by supporting the legs and maintaining proper blood flow on the lower portion of the body. Likewise, it also reduces the possibility of an elevated heart rate of both the mother and child.

Treatment For Various Conditions – And lastly, the best compression socks are also prescribed to individuals who have diabetes. Also, it is recommended for patients who have varicose veins, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac insufficiency, and chronic venous insufficiency as it prevents the blood from pooling at the leg area and takes it back to the heart.

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