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The Things You Need To Know Before You Buy IQOS USA Devices

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Back in 2019, the new product from Philip Morris International called “IQOS” was allowed to be sold legally in the United States. And the first ‘heat not burn’ tobacco product in the country, many avid smokers have quickly transitioned in the hopes of finding a better alternative to conventional cigarette smoking.

But is this electronic device really safer than cigarettes and other nicotine delivery units like JUUL? Is it just a hype? Or this revolutionary method of puffing a nicotine-rich aerosol be the new wave of consuming tobacco products?

If you’re planning to buy IQOS, we invite you to read this first as we’re going to talk about the things you need to know before you buy IQOS devices in today’s blog post.

1. The Concept Of ‘Heat Not Burn’ Is Different From Vaping

Unlike vapes and e-cigarettes, IQOS is still considered an electronic tobacco heating device since it uses actual tobacco and not some glycerin-based flavored e-liquids. Basically, the tobacco is inserted into the device and then mimics the same process of consuming a cigarette stick. Only this time, the tobacco is heated, not burned, to a certain temperature that is enough to release the nicotine upon inhalation.

2. The Touted Claim That It Is “Safer” Than Cigarettes

IQOS – heated tobacco products (Smoking equipment) by Philip Morris International

IQOS is widely marketed as a safer alternative to cigarettes, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that is too soon to say. That’s because while the device may seem to reduce the exposure of cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde and acrolein, all tobacco products and even e-cigarettes are still considered addictive due to the nicotine content.

This is why stern warnings are still posted to remind you and other interested individuals to consume IQOS Heets sticks in moderation. Though the fact still remains that IQOS is safer compared to conventional tobacco products in the market today.

3. IQOS May Be Appealing To Young Smokers

Studies indicate that electronic tobacco heating devices like IQOS are considered “high-tech, sophisticated, and aspirational” by many youth and young adult smokers that the sleekness of the product is akin to iPhones, which is why more than half of its consumers belong to the 18 to 35 age group.

But at the same time, it is also attracting minors and non-smokers due to the “smokeless” message it brings. So to keep this product from the hands of high schoolers and middle schoolers, the FDA has implemented restrictions to restrict Philip Morris and other tobacco companies from targeting their marketing initiatives to minors and focus only on advertisements that attract adult consumers.

4. IQOS And Its Tobacco Cartridges May Strengthen Marlboro As A Brand

Research shows that Marlboro is the more preferred brand by the younger demographic. And with the introduction of IQOS under the Marlboro banner, it is perceived that the consumer patronage of the brand will continue to grow even more because revolutionary method of consuming tobacco it brings to its customers.

5. IQOS Does Not Burn Tobacco

IQOS devices are designed to heat tobacco cartridges and not burn them like how a regular cigarette is consumed. And since no fire is required, there’s no harmful “second-hand smoke” and you damage your clothes or furniture anymore.

Please check out Heetmeup.Online today if you’re looking to purchase an IQOS kit in the US.

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