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Tides Pod Oreo – An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

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If you are looking for a new coffee break menu idea, look no further than Tide Pods. A Tide Pod is a pod-style coffee maker that makes use of an infra-red light or LED, light to turn colors of espresso beans into liquid like froth. Real food inspired pushback does not stop at coffee, though; Tide Pod models are also popping up on doughnuts and on cappuccino.

While it may sound silly, Tide Pods is actually an excellent, practical and socially responsible method for recycling detergent bottles and finding a new use for plastic water bottles all over the world. The invention of the pod challenged local businesses to find creative ways to get their product into consumers’ hands without taking any of their money in return. It is amazing how many successful business people and social media influencers have come up with ideas for leveraging social media to promote and sell products. Some ideas are too good to pass up.

One such idea was developed by Tide Pod, a popular South Florida brand that specializes in laundry detergent. The company saw a need for a coffee pod maker that could also make eco-friendly detergent for the home. In response to this demand, the brand created the Pod Assault, a pod that turns ordinary liquid detergent into foam that is ideal for the cleaning job.

This is just one example of how Tide Pod has addressed the needs of consumers who demand green solutions. While it is evident that the brand tapped into the environmentalist market, it went one step further by launching a line of water, food and detergent called the Tide Pod Kitchen and Bath. The brand’s other lines include a line of baby products and baby bath supplies. The idea is to create a variety of solutions for everyday household cleaning, be it bathing, cleaning or eating.

The Tide Pod Oreos kitchen and bath cleaning machines are geared towards families. They offer high efficiency household cleaning machines that use gravity for detergent extraction and low moisture formulations. The machines use both hot and cold water sources to clean most surfaces. This means that more of the detergent is absorbed by the floor and walls, while the machine dries out the soap molecules for maximum cleaning power.

The machines use dual motors for power and motion. For each cycle of the machine, the detergent pump rotates, creating cleaning solution on the moving belt. As the machine runs, fluid leaks from the cleaning solution onto the rotating belt. This fluid helps lift dirt particles off hardwood floors and glass, as well as wash stubborn stains from sinks and countertops. These machines can clean countertops, tabletops, and other flat surfaces.

Each cycle of the machine uses a patented microprocessor to calculate how much cleaning solution to use. Once the cleaning solution has been depleted, the machine automatically switches to the dry cycle. The Dry cycle does not require energy, electricity, or water, making it the perfect green cleaning machine. The detergent-free detergent does not attract airborne dirt and debris, so it is safe to use on any surface in any environment, including bathrooms and break rooms. Tides Pod machines are great for the whole family, since they are easy to operate, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Tides Pod Oreo machines come in sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Each cleaning cycle of the machines can last up to 45 mins, which is ample time to completely clean most surfaces. To ensure maximum cleaning power, cycles should be scheduled together. Tides Pod machines feature multiple rinse settings to provide users with complete cleaning satisfaction. The machines have safety features such as an automatic stop button, dual brushes, non-slip steps, push button for balanced rinsing, and an overall weight limit of 250 lbs.

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