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The Types Of Braces As Offered By The Best Dental Clinics

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If you have trouble chewing or grinding your teeth, then the best solution is to wear braces. Not only will this device help align your teeth, but it also works to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

But what types of braces you have to wear to keep your smile bright and beautiful?

If you’re interested to know more about this dental treatment, then we invite you to continue reading as we will tackle the types of braces as offered by the best dental clinics and get the results you want to achieve.

Why Dentists And Orthodontists Offer Various Types Of Braces?

Although regular braces are still the popular choice, many people are having thoughts of getting braces because they are afraid of how it will affect their looks. That’s why dentists offer modern designs of braces that not only align the teeth but also take into consideration the overall aesthetics while being worn by the patient.

By offering various types of braces, dental professionals from the best dental clinics and other dental facilities, in general, encourage more people to consider orthodontic treatments in dealing with their dental problems.

Types Of Braces Available

Metal braces are still considered as the most common dental treatment, especially for teenagers. But dentists also offer other kinds of braces to allow patients to select the braces that suit their lifestyle.

Here are the types of braces available in the best dental clinics today:

1. Metal braces – Metal brackets are attached onto the teeth to address misalignment. The metal archwire gently applies pressure to the patient’s teeth, causing them to be pulled into the right position. Also, colored rubber bands can be attached to the archwire to allow the user to customize the look of the braces the way they want to.

2. Ceramic/porcelain braces – This type of braces is the preferred choice if you want to wear something less visible because they are made from clear materials. However, they are more fragile compared to metal braces. That’s why ceramic braces are recommended for older patients.

3. Gold braces – This kind of braces is made from stainless steel gold, from the wires to the ligatures. The functionality of the dental device is still the same, only that it provides the wearer a more luxurious and stylish look.

Aside from these traditional options, dentists and orthodontists also offer a more innovative treatment. And this treatment is called “Invisalign”.

4. Invisalign – This is a revolutionary alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments for both kids and adults. Basically, it is an ideal dental treatment for those who suffer from mild to moderate teeth and bite misalignment.

Invisalign is made of a removable clear plastic (tray) which can be worn for most of the day and detach during brushing and flossing. And the good thing about using this device is that the cost may be comparable to that of traditional braces, but you can wear it discreetly without worrying about being stared at every time you smile. That’s why young adults are wearing Invisalign today.

The Benefits Of Different Kinds Of Braces

  • Metal braces can be customized in terms of appearance by placing colored bands in different combinations.
  • Ceramic braces are more unnoticeable as compared to metal braces.
  • Unlike metal and ceramic braces which need to be detached inside the dental clinic, Invisalign can be removed at any time by the wearer.
  • Metal braces are often considered as the most affordable dental treatment for aligning crooked teeth.
  • Ceramic braces offer more comfort, although they are less durable compared to metal braces.
  • As previously mentioned, the price of Invisalign is just the same as traditional braces, but they are ‘more invisible’ than metal and ceramic braces.

How Much Do These Braces Cost?

Lastly, getting dental braces from the best dental clinics is not that expensive since they are typically covered by your dental insurance. Hence, it’s recommended to ask your dentist during the initial consultation so they can review your dental insurance and determine if getting braces will be covered or not.

Alternatively, you can also discuss with the dentist for different affordable payment options that they accept if you are interested in paying for your dental treatment every month.

If you’re seeking a trusted dental clinic in Atlanta, you can contact Dental TLC for your oral care needs.

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