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Water Soluble CBD: Things To Know Before Buying

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Water soluble cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most recent innovations in the cannabis industry. And since its inception, more and more water soluble cannabidiol products are flooding the market today – which also paved for these products to be dubbed as the “modern CBD product” along with other CBD products in the mainstream market that can be eaten or mixed into hot beverages like coffee.

Yet, the majority of consumers are still not familiar with this product.

And if you’re planning to buy one soon, then we invite you to continue reading as we are going to share some useful information that you must know before buying water soluble CBD.

What Is Water Soluble Cannabidiol (CBD)?

In essence, this product is a derivative of the marijuana plant that does not have that “high” effect and are typically oil-based. And the process of making CBD soluble in water involves an intensive method of separating CBD into tiny particles down to its molecular structure to allow it to be dissolved in water.

To be specific, this process involves the use of nanotechnology particularly, the use of sound waves to break down cannabidiol particles and then go through a liquid suspension (colloidal dispersions) to make it mixable to water and to deliver and protect bio-active components. Once the cannabidiol is broken down into tiny particles, it becomes water compatible (emulsified to remain stable in H2O liquid) and therefore able to blend seamlessly with water molecules.

The end result is a product that suspends CBD nanoparticles and distributes them evenly within a liquid.

Does Cannabidiol Need To Be Water-Soluble?

The answer to this question all boils down to this specific term: bioavailability. It is defined as the rate in which a substance is absorbed into a system of a living being after administration.

And since our bodies are made up of 60% of water, then it makes sense to take something that blends well into our system than working something against it.

Water soluble CBD is highly recommended since it ensures your body is absorbing more of the nutrients as possible as compared to other CBD products. In fact, the bioavailability of oil-based CBD tinctures is only 4%, which means 96% of the components are actually flushed out without providing beneficial nutrients at all.

What Benefits Do You Get From Using Water Soluble Cannabidiol?

Highly Bioavailable – The high concentration of CBD and its water-compatible properties allow it to be absorbed fully and quickly into the bloodstream right after ingestion.

Consistent Dosing Of Products – Each capsule, pill, or softgel is specifically made to contain particular milligrams of CDB. Hence, you won’t have to guess about the dosage every time you take it.

Increased Convenience – Taking water soluble cannabidiol is made easy since they are now made into pills and capsules. All you need to do is to ingest it along with a gulp of water and you’ll be able to experience the immediate benefits of CBD as it metabolizes in your intestines.

Final Word

All in all, water soluble CBD is a highly recommended product as your body will be able to absorb the nutrients immediately after taking it.

And if you want to make sure you are getting the best quality of water soluble cannabidiol (CBD), then check out Hemp Number One’s store today and get to know how you can get their top water soluble formula that is proven so effective.

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