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What Animal Is Pikachu?

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“What animal is Pikachu?” is one of the most popular questions that I get asked. I have to admit, when I was in the Philippines a while back, people actually asked this question to me, and it wasn’t so funny really. You see, these folks think that Pikachu is actually a monkey (or some kind of wild animal).

This may sound funny, but it’s not. Have you heard about the Alolan Pikachu (Alola Pikachu)? These Alolan rodents are unique because they lack a tail. I guess that doesn’t make them monkeys, but they don’t have tails. So what animal is pikachu?

I heard that Alolan pikachu is actually the legendary Pokemon created by the legendary Pokemon creator, Mr. Tajiri. However, the story goes that once the Pokemon created a legend, they got lazy and did not tell it to anybody. Thus, nobody knew about it kept on disappearing. However, the legend came to light when one of the game players noticed some Pokemon on his tail and thought that it was somehow related to the pikachu phenomenon.

So the next question that I have for you is “What animal is Pikachu?” Well, the short story revolves around a young boy who wanted to catch a Pokemon but didn’t know what kind of Pokemon to catch. Thus, he searched everywhere in the local forest only to find a small tree with a hole in it. In that hole, he found a mysterious stuffed toy pikachu. The boy picked the cute little Pokemon up and carried it home with him.

Then one day, the owner of the house, an old woman, heard a strange noise coming from the tree. She ran towards it, but lost her balance and fell to the ground. The child quickly realized that the strange noise was coming from the very creature that had been sitting on the palm of her hand. When she looked down, she saw the figure of a Pikachu. The woman realized that she was staring at a creature that was about the same size as a small child. The woman, shocked by what she saw, immediately called her son to get help because she thought that the Pikachu was going to eat her baby.

The Pikachu, though unseen, ate the baby. The mother, startled at what she had witnessed, quickly followed the creature to the nursery and discovered that the creature was gone. The father, who was in shock, rushed to the hospital to find out what had happened. Upon discovery, the doctors learned that the creature was only two months old and had no chance of survival.

The curious children, intrigued by what they had seen, asked the question, “What animal is Pikachu?” The teacher, Mrs. Yang, easily answered their question by telling them that the Pikachu was actually a baby teddy bear. Though shocked, the children were fascinated by the creature and asked what was its name.

Mrs. Yang gave them the name Pikachu. Everyone in the class agreed with the name, except for one little boy. He was adamant that the creature was a teddy bear. When asked what its color was, the boy said that it was brown. This was not true, as the creature was a brown, furry creature with white fur.

After much discussion, the teacher finally gave in to the boy’s request and allowed him to answer the question, “what animal is pikachu?” The boy was ecstatic and ran to show his new found pet to his excited father. Seeing this sight made the father light up, so he ran off to find his son. As soon as he saw his son, he got very excited and ran back to his teddy bear Pokemon. Upon finding the Pokemon, he quickly identified it to be Pikachu, the cute little creature.

Pikachu was a welcome addition to the family. Within a short period of time, all of the children wanted to play with the adorable creature. The children loved to hold Pikachu in their arms, and the parents loved to see their children happy. Soon, the namesake family had a new member. They called him Pika, and every day the family would see him playing with his red and yellow ball in front of them, and every night they would cuddle up together and watch as Pikachu slept peacefully in his bed.

Today, Pika lives with his owner, Taz. The two live in a suburb of Milwaukee, where Pika goes off during the day to explore, while Taz stays at home to care for the teddy bear Pokemon. Both enjoy what animal is pikachu and talk about all of the fun they have, and all that the other animal has brought into their lives. Today, Pika is a well-loved member of the Pika family.

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