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Exercising With Disabilities: Workout Tips For Individuals With Physical Impairment

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According to statistics, there are over 56 million American adults who are disabled or have a form of disability. And that is equivalent to 20% to the entire population of the United States. The sad truth is, 57% of these individuals are at risk of being obese or contacting diabetes due to their lack of exercise.

Fortunately, the impact of conditions like these can be reduced by regular exercise. So if you are looking to exercise effectively with limited mobility, then we suggest that you continue reading this entry as we are going to tackle this topic about exercising with disabilities: workout tips for individuals with physical impairment.

What Does It Mean To Have A Physical Disability

disabled exercise tips

In medical terms, physical disability is defined as the biological difficulty of performing normal activities. And their impairment can be considered as a deficiency to operate simultaneously based on predefined functions of the human body.

Generally speaking, persons with disabilities are usually limited to partake in activities that can be easily performed by an average person. But exercising with disabilities is still possible as there are specific programs to counter any barriers from performing physical activity.

Exercise Guidelines For Disabled Persons

  1. Consult Your Doctor First – See your resident doctor first and ask which type of exercise is recommended for you. This is an important step so you are well-educated with things that you can do and the things you cannot do.

Always remember, don’t do any physical activity that is not recommended to you because you might get injured in the process. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

  1. Decide On The Exercise Program You Want To Do – After consulting your doctor, the next thing to do is to decide on the workout program based on the exercises recommended by your doctor.

Your choice will depend on the purpose whether you are looking to strengthen your muscles, enhance cardiovascular health, or lose weight, but what’s important is that your chosen physical activity will meet your fitness goals and something that you enjoy doing.

  1. Start With Something Light Then Increase The Intensity As You Move Further – We recommend you start on a light exercise first then gradually increase the intensity as your body reaches the maximum lung capacity.

Be patient as it usually takes time for your body to be accustomed to physical activity. Give it time for your heart to adapt to the physical exertion so it can normalize your blood flow and increase your body’s muscular efficiency.



Overall, exercising with disabilities can be done safely and efficiently as long as you follow your doctor’s orders and that you overdo yourself while doing a physical activity that promotes healthy well-being. You can visit Select Personal Training’s facility in Alexandria, VA if you want to achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively. Click on the link to visit their site.

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